Hoarding: Collectors Edition (23 Photos)

  • Skedaddle

    Can you imagine dating a daughter of a hoarder? “Come on in, I want you to meet my mom.”

    • Jg

      That’s fucking trash

  • Do0zer

    I can only imagine what these places smell like….. #5

  • http://www.facebook.com/kittygato12 Melissa DeCastro

    Makes me want to clean out a box and throw away stuff I don't need

  • McBeastie

    Well at least nobody will claim this is stolen from Reddit. A&E maybe, but not Reddit.

  • davey

    they have a disease. my wife is a mini hoarder. i throw shit out when she's not home. we dont save money but, our house is clean.

  • TBM

    All the photos look the same to me

  • Lost In Translation

    I feel like I need to go take a shower or go throw something out or both…

    But seriously hoarding is a series psychological condition and I hope these people find the help they need. Or a Dyson vacuum, you know, whatever comes first.

  • Brian King

    I dont know whether to laugh or be afraid of#23

  • Flicka

    Hey, that's a cool bonsai collection! But yea the rest are gross.

  • Chicagoman

    Sad and fucked up. These people need help.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lmcpike Laura Pike

    #12 about the only one that was ok

    • sinklip

      fuckin finally someone talks about the dog, who is boss by the way, all these people bitchen about these messy muthaphukas

  • http://twitter.com/NoisyHerald @NoisyHerald

    not sure if hoarding or just lazy to clean up that mess

  • Picard_

    #15 Stole Scumbag Steve's hat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shockwave

    #23 Prepared for the zombie apocalypse.

  • http://www.facebook.com/RCChilds7 Robert Gamecock Childs

    #8 alright…i know it is here somewere…WHERE THE FUCK IS IT?!?!?!?

  • Shaun

    next anniversary/christmas/bday present: Hefty/Glad trash bags

    • David

      they might just "hoard" that too

  • http://www.facebook.com/Gingergreek Pani Booyah

    Wow!! I feel bad for these people it's a compulsive disorder where their mind just doesn't want to or doesn't allow them to get rid of anything. Its a very bad condition like OCD where it just dominates and ruins your life.

  • GingerLounge

    #15 – OMD Picard is right, Scumbag Steve has been a victim of theft! I saw this episode, and feel kinda bad for the kid, his family life is a wreck.

    #6 – This is one of my all time favorite Hoarders episode. She was the one who claimed if it isn't bulging it's still okay to eat (in regards to years expired dairy products in her second fridge full of food)

  • dorkfish

    They probably spend to much time on " The Chive " and forgot to take out the trash once or twice.

  • Kidn

    waldo is in one of these pictures.

    find him.

  • ru5h11

    Anyone else just get the urge to start cleaning up after seeing this post?

  • windoc

    as a firefighter i think ill just spray through the window i aint gettin stuck in there

  • http://blog.dirtyhotproductions.com/ waltgator

    sad thing is that people live like that!

  • RobertC

    #2 this shit is BANANAS

  • NaNaNaMatmaN

    C'mon Pooky! Lets burn this mother @%#$er down! C"mon Pooky!

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