I’m pretty sure this girl is ‘shopped (18 Photos)

Linda Robbins had a Flickr account with photos of herself unconvincingly photoshopped onto various scenes and bodies. Her account has been closed but some of the photos live on. Linda describes herself, "I work as a para-legal and I part-time model. I own many type of wigs to change my looks. Ya just never know what you're gonna get!"

  • Cocrates

    DiscoBob is cracking me up. the avatar explains a lot

  • Maebs

    In #6 shes a guy now? and shes that girl next to him? WTF???

  • http://facebook.com/Rowen.Bellamy.Model RowenBellamy

    My favourite part is how she appears to onlt have two actual picutres of herself to work with in shopping these shots.

  • FunknastyFOX

    this dumb broad needs to either spend more time mastering photoshop (because my imaginary five year old brother can do a better job) or spend more time at the gym… or on a bike… either way… she sucks at everything… and if all else fails, she can probably team up with chris hansen and catch some of those sick fuck predators that are commenting on all of her pictures.

  • Nips

    She a man baby… No really, thats a dude…

  • tim

    I would love to see more posts like this. It's hilarious.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1443017973 Zach Sabatino

    I'd hit it.

  • WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot

    peterwk is fucking moron!!!
    #7 #10

  • dfoggers

    It's hot how she can change her body type so much. Shame about the face though.

  • Mugz


  • T-Rexin'

    #17 I can't

  • https://www.facebook.com/kirk.schuman Kirk Schuman

    That mean she pays us 25 cents to hug her?

  • lukaluka

    i feel sorry for her

  • Memmie

    Where’s “I Hate My Job”? That’s my favorite post of the day! Makes work seem a little less cruddy.

  • lilix long

    god damn that bitches and her three hundred twins are soo hot

  • walther

    why would she go ahead and photoshop the ex bf's face as well? couldnt she have just left the guy as he was lol

  • PopcornFarts

    Daddy issues.

  • Kris

    … what the fuck?

  • testington

    #12 is Blake Lively's body

  • http://www.kneedeepinabottle.com Navin R. Johnson

    made me spit up my coffee, and i wasnt even drinking any

  • WhiteheadRamona

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    • johhny 5


      Im totally going to go to the site

      FUCK OFF

  • Holland

    #14 is that hannah montana?

  • wesio

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  • Whoovian

    Butter face

  • oh no

    The comments in those pictures make me embarrassed to have access to the internet.

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