I’m talkin’ about cakes, man….cakes (31 Photos)

  • Samantha

    YESS PLEASE SAY #10 is weed cakke 🙂 i know what I’m asking for on my birthday

  • Bubby G

    #10 uh no…. I said bunt cake.

  • TheWanting

    #2 WANT

  • TheSentimental

    #27 is the best one.

  • rensign

    #10 best cake ever, I find it disturbing it's for a 1 yr old tho 😦

  • Car Marie

    Why does the dumptruck cake keep showing up?

  • Athena

    SO awesome… I want alllll of them!!! Esp #23… the gloves were a nice touch haha

  • Meh

    #31 FTW!

  • KPD

    This cake is not for a black person.


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  • northerner

    All that sugar. No wonder we're an obese nation of diabetics. Creative, but…

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  • http://www.facebook.com/bret.vanarsdale Bret Van Arsdale

    #25, Nuttin like a Birthday BJ!

  • Michael Cudd- Vallely

    #7 kills it

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