National Guard attempts to demonstrate their masculinity. It doesn’t work out (Video)

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This took place after Hurricane Irene in Manville, NJ.

  • ryan

    national gaurd is full of weekend warriors. Dumb shit that cant do anything else..

    • Robert Waters

      And what the fuck would you know about it?

  • joey

    well all i can say is…..National Guard….and isnt this the smart part of the country??? a redneck would have known better…i can judge i am active duty

  • Dastardly Dog

    I bet he wouldn't be calling them stupid if they were draging his ass out of a POW camp or hmmmmm fighting for his f&^%ing freadom. What a pussy.

  • Anonymous

    George W was national guard…nuff said!

  • ElJefe

    Boats work best in this situation, I think they float pretty good.

  • Dickie

    The guy with the camera is a coward. He called them stupid many times but not loud enough to be heard or they would have kicked his arse.

  • Ryan
    Australian fire fighters driving though flood water and winning

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