• anon

    First Bitches!

    • bob

      Congrats! You should get a trophy for being the first! You're amazing!

  • Bobfailspostingafail

    Yeah neither does this "video". WTG Bob!

  • EasternCanuck

    That was awesome…

  • Kim

    Manning it up at Manville! 'Merica FUCK YEAH!

  • the kid

    and zero fucks were given, until they realized that they can't breathe underwater

  • dagleja3

    where'd the video go?

  • James


  • Brian King

    I love it when a plan comes together!

  • What about Bob?

    National Guard attempts to demonstrate their masculinity. It doesn’t work out (Video)
    should read
    National Guard attempts to demonstrate their masculinity. It (Video)doesn’t work out

    • joel


  • Dean

    i can't believe these guys are just standing there, calling them stupid. yeah, dumb move, but these people are in the middle of it all and trying to help people. stand up, be a man and help them out.

    • Fleeb

      It's the North. They don't help up there, they just complain.

      • fleebhater

        Uhh no dipshit its the COAST they dont help anyone. YOU are very misguided if you think its northerners that dont help its just those wussy East and West coast lib that think everyone should help them……

        • Maytrix

          More likely its New Jersey…

          Northerners know how to help each other. Here's a great example.

          Chive gets a fail in my book though for making fun of people that are out there trying to help.

          • Statan

            Well they sure helped become more victims of the flooding

        • atlantaburning

          Actually if you're going to play the "elitist liberal left-coast snob" card you should realize that those people are wealthy. Get it straight.

      • Selmy

        Better than being some inbred cunt.

      • Dan

        Sure, just like all the cooperation that occured there in New Orleans in 2005, yeah ok.

    • YoYo

      actually, how many other guardsmen, etc will be diverted from helping people to help these idiots?

      • bird

        Probably none. You can see them tying a winch to the railing at the end of the video. They likely used the winch to pull themselves out of the deep water.

        • realist

          None? Unless they were using those cargo trucks to transport just 4 guys (per truck) they'll need another 2 trucks and several men to unload and reload whatever supplies they had onboard. At least whatever supplies are still useable after being soaked in filthy water for however long it takes them to get those trucks up on dry land (note: it's likely they won't be able to, which means 2 less trucks for the rescue effort, more crew and equipment diverted to salvage them, and plenty of taxpayer money spent needlessly and uselessly).

    • anonymous

      How exactly would someone be able to help them in that situation?

      • Statan

        Call the navy. These things called boats.

        • Wiegs

          whats the navy going to do drive a destroyer out there…call the coast guard.

    • black27696

      Exactly! If I've learned anything from Oregon trail its that these camera guys could just get a team of oxen and help the guard ford the river. Unless of course they're unable to help because they don't have the specialized equipment that the guard has.

    • atlantaburning

      That's their job. They get paid to do it with our tax dollars and they'll get some benefits. And they get to pretend they're all bad ass with their guns and camo and big trucks. I guess I'm saying the sanctimonious moralizing that is 100% guaranteed whenever the military or national guard is revered and ass kissed is not necessary really. They're so tough they don't care, right.

    • atlantaburning

      The_Dood KNOWS what he's talking about.

  • cechansler

    time to send in the navy

    • 1st

      you mean the coast guard!

  • Mad Jimmy

    maybe if they trained harder they would know the capabilities of their vehicles???

    • J_Dub

      maybe they knew the capabilities of their vehicle and didn't know the water would get a couple feet deeper…

    • Jay

      actually if you look further up the road there is already one vehicle that made it, more than likely what happened was they didn't know the full capabilities of their vehicle…as in they have a device inside of that FMTV (Field Medium Tactical Vehicle) that will inflate their tires or deflate them, more than likely they still had them on the Highway setting rather than the setting that will inflate them completely to allow the vehicle to sit higher and also "bounce" through the water, I've done this multiple times in training…worst part about it is that they can't really see where they are going due to the water being muddy. All in all, i think they did a good job getting through as far as they did.

      • Opyuse

        If you look a little closer what you see further up is a road sign. That should have been a sign as to the depth of the water.

  • http://man-lair.com Stafferty

    Fuck, now my smokes are wet. How am I supposed to drive now?

  • Frylock.

    video worked for me. and… dumbasses.

  • TiminPhx

    What sort of title is that? These young men and women were trying to render aid to their fellow citizens. They were risking their lives.

    At worst, they made a mistake. The narration is also sickening. What are the clowns doing? They are videotaping something.

    We live in a culture of Snarkiness.

    • The_Dood

      Where were lives risked?

      • the_junglist

        Last time I checked…. humans can't breath underwater.

        • The_Dood

          They sure looked to be under water long enough to drown to me. I'm sorry that I was assuming that since they were going to drive underwater that they would bring the necessities, like air.

          • rando

            The trucks are designed with air vents. Those were above the waterline. So air was getting into the cab…..

      • TiminPhx

        Simply by going out into the storm. And in their attempt to cross an area covered by water. Currents, drop-offs, anything like that and it could have ended real badly.

        Again, they made a mistake, but it's not like they were just screwing off. And to listen to that idiot of a commentator, calling these soldiers stupid is sickening. I'll bet he wouldn't risk his loosing out on a weekend a month, much less his life in the service of others.

        • DrROBOTO

          lol snarkiness

    • Statan


    • atlantaburning

      more sanctimonious moralizing. They get paid. It is their job and they don't need pussy civilians kissing their a-holes.

    • evanligus

      What a great army you have DERP !

  • penguin slayer

    Just type in national guard on youtube. it's a big fail

  • Çreep

    looked fun until the whole gettin out part.

  • dorkfish

    hey ya'll watch this

    • bob

      Or, to be proper:

      "Hold my beer and watch this"

  • Meh....

    Franks Chicken House!

  • sam

    This title is terrible. Way to go Bob. Your just so much more masculine than these men who enlisted and were actually trying to help people rather than sitting on their ass while creating a "clever" title.

    • The_Dood

      Enlisted 2 weekends a month one week a year or whatever… Most are just trying to get free school. I have the utmost respect for our Marines, Army, Navy, and hell even Coast Guard. But these are weekend warriors.

      • Ezee

        Yet many national guard folks have been going off to war. They have enlisted, knowing this for the last 10 years.

      • AsciiAdam

        I have been in the Guard for 12 years. I spent 15 months on active duty, with 12 months boots on ground in Iraq. I do it because I want to help. In the guard I am Infantry, in my normal life I work in IT. I think having a normal job outside of the guard makes me better at being an Infantryman, I have more skills than the 20 year old that has spent 2 years on active duty but has no other skills to bring to the table.

        • AsciiAdam

          Oh, and this holds true for National Guard as well as Active Infantry. I know it by heart and live it every day.

          I am the Infantry.
          I am my country's strength in war, her deterent in peace.
          I am the heart of the fight, wherever, whenever.
          I carry America's faith and honor against her enemies.
          I am the Queen of Battle.

          I am what my country expects me to be
          the best trained soldier in the world.
          In the race for victory,
          I am swift,
          and courageous,
          armed with a fierce will to win.

          Never will I fail my country's trust.
          Always I fight on,
          through the foe,
          to the objective,
          to triumph over all.
          If necessary,
          I fight to my death.

          By my steadfast courage, I have won 200 years of freedom.

          I yield not- to weakness,
          to hunger,
          to cowardice,
          to fatigue,
          to superior odds,
          for I am mentally tough, physically strong, and morally straight.

          I forsake not-
          my country,
          my mission,
          my comrades,
          my sacred duty.

          I am relentless.
          I am always there,now and forever.

          I AM THE INFANTRY!
          FOLLOW ME!

          • Bill57

            thank you for your service Sir!

      • Hunter

        I'm a "weekend warrior" Marine Reservist who has been deployed for the last 9 months. I guess help with tuition in exchange for putting your ass on the line and having to put your life on hold because your country needs you is a price too high to pay right?

        Reservists and Guardsmen are deployed all around the world at any given moment, including to combat. So how about you show some respect for your peers who chose, for whatever reason, to endure the hardships of military service. Who knows, they might be the guys who save you from your rooftop the next time your town floods, or the guys sweeping for IEDs in Afghanistan in a couple months.

        • The_Dood

          I guess you didn't catch this.
          "I stand corrected. All of the guardsmen that I know personally are the ones that I described. I am honestly sorry to have offended anyone actually risking their lives to protect this country."

          • bob

            Don't expect a shitstorm to stop just because you take your head out of your ass.

            • The_Dood

              I could give a fuck less. And I hardly call this a shitstorm. I've gotten way more BS from saying I'd bang a hot chick. That really gets people riled up here.

        • Bill57

          AMEN, Well said

        • atlantaburning

          Actually the country probably needs you guys to come on home. Not much point in being there. Costs so many millions every day. Country can't afford it.. It is what the politicians want in Washington. Lots of people don't want it. But I'm all for you getting your benefits.

      • truth

        Stop showing us your ignorance.

        • The_Dood

          Stop breathing

          • Amazed

            And the head goes back to it's normal rectal position. Lame.

      • LKJ

        You're a fucking idiot. Guard and reserve currently have the highest rate of deployment to the middle east. They are NOT weekend warriors during wartime. You however are an asshat during both peace and wartime. Don't talk about what you dont know, the "getting school for free" thing is so completely outdated. If you enlist today you are TOLD and KNOW that you will be deployed and probably multiple times.
        Go back to being the super badass that you are making uninformed comments from the comfort of you couch.

      • atlantaburning

        The_Dood KNOWS what he's talking about.

        Spare people all your flag lapel faux patriotic dribble you wannabes and wing nut brown shirts!!!!!!!!

    • atlantaburning

      sanctimonious moralizing. Pussy. Boo-hoo "our" troops aren't being thrown flowers.

  • anguish

    The narration is what drove me insane. Stupid is the idiot doing the narrating. Yeah, the NG may have made a mistake going that route, but it looks like one vehicle already made it at the far end (can't tell if it's the same as the other two or not).

    • joel

      notie he says i quite enough as to not be heard

    • atlantaburning

      you're name is anguish and the narration drove you insane. Must be hard being you. Support the troops!!!!!!!!!!!!!! deeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrpp

  • J_Dub

    brave but just a little too much for the trucks to handle. I give them a lot of props for trying though. risking your life to save a life is never stupid. the people videoing and laughing don't deserve the effort of being helped

    • the_junglist

      Agreed. I think these trucks can roll in water up to the windows. I'm betting it got a couple feet deeper as they went along, and they were hoping to push through.

      • halassss

        The part behind the cab that the idiots in the video called the exhaust? that's the air intake. As long as water doesn't get in there, the truck will continue to run. The reason it's up there is for this exact purpose. They probably stopped because they couldn't see out of the inch of windshield they had left.

        Hows' that possible? Its the army bro! fucking idiots.

  • fanny bandit

    Haha what dumbasses. I can understand their good intentions but damn surely they should of realised that those vehicles can't float. there is a reason they are only in the national guard.

    • timmo

      And what are you in shitbrick?

      • atlantaburning

        You don't have to be in anything to laugh you little brown shirt goose stepper.

    • atlantaburning

      That shit is funny. LOL at the 'national guard'. LOL freely

    • David

      Hey fanny bandit, F you, they show up first to help before all others, and for very little monetary reward. No those vehicles cant float but they are designed to be able to operate under water over 7' deep. The reason I know. Don't ever call someone who puts their own life on the line for you and other a dumbass! You are the dumbass. Further more to all those who say oh they are in the national guard the are not real soldiers F all of you.
      National Guard and reserve soldiers account for more than 60% of our total combat forces. I have over 20 years of service in active duty regular army and national guard combined. I have gone to war with both and I'll put up any guard unit I was with against any active army unit I was with, there is no difference between their level of commitment, drive, or knowledge. The only difference is the active units get 85% of the budget, and only accounts for 40% of the total combined forces.

    • chris

      WTF do you mean "only in the national guard" army guardsmen go through the same basic training and AIT as any other soldier and guard units are some of the most deployed units in the nation oh and when there is a natural disaster were the ones who show up NOT active duty units. Most of us aren't as stupid as these guys were but I can picture myself in the drivers seat saying we shouldn't be doing this and some officer saying "no its fine go on ahead"

    • Ethan

      Must be nice to sit back and critisize ENLISTED SOLDIERS on doing there GOD DAMN JOB while you sit back behind a computer screen and talk shit. Unless you have walked a mile in there boots you should.keep your fucking mouth shut. They also deploy, go through the exact same training as any other soldiers and plenty also DIE defending our country, YOUR country. Peice of fucking shit you are, anyone in uniform who earned the title of a SOLDIER is a hero , and signs a contract knowing they may die to protect the freedom of ungrateful fucks like yourself

  • Jtrain

    Tag the National Guard as douchebags. Classy move Bob. Don’t forget that while everyone else is sitting at home jerking off and crying about their house being flooded these are the guys out there doing something about it.

  • Alex


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