• Clancy


  • Homer

    Homer SImpson as the garbage commissioner:

    "Did you get the new trucks? Are they amphibious? Well, there's only one way to find out: We can always buy more"

    • http://twitter.com/Poopy_McPoop @Poopy_McPoop

      They let me sign checks with a stamp.

  • Ockam

    As a former member of the Delaware National Guard I can vouch for just how stupid some of these people are. Just because you feel a sense of civic responsibility, patriotism, and national pride doesn't mean you can't also be a red neck idiot.

    • TiminPhx

      I see why you are a former member. If among a group of civilians, your first instinct is to shit all over fellow soldiers might reveal something lower than what you call a "redneck."

      • atlantaburning

        Military service isn't sacred. We civilians can make fun of military shit and laugh at a video of something like this.
        "Civilians" YOU are so ABOVE us aren't you?

    • medtxpack

      you just vouched yourself.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000018963941 Tim Brown

    Holy shit! Thats a damn LMTV. Those things are like 15 ft tall. Why would you even try to ford that? Oh yeah, they're weekend warriors

  • The_Dood

    I want to see the video from INSIDE the trucks!

  • Cyberfunker

    Only in Jersey.

  • Wally W.

    …and that cost the taxpayer how much?

  • http://twitter.com/Poopy_McPoop @Poopy_McPoop

    Was Snookie driving one of those last 2 trucks?

  • panama99

    As a 21 year veteran of the Army, I appreciate the service of the National Guard and Reserves but I just sat here with my co-worker (another retired Vet) and shook my head and yes laughed at these two trucks as they drove through this high water. There has to be a point where someone in the truck is going "Hey Joe, you think this water is a little high?" Is that when it is over the hood of a 15 foot high truck or over almost over the cab (top) of the truck.

    I know the senior guy is saying "but Sarge (or the officer said we have to go down this street" at some point you simply have to say fuck it, it can't be done and look for another route.

    Concerning the civilians….maybe that is why we don't carry weapons with live rounds on humanitarian missions. Jersey Boy there could have earned himself a couple of extra openings. I know, I know, my God, look how violent the Soldier is. STFU.

    • medtxpack

      thanks for your service. no sarcasm here.

    • anguish

      I also want to say thanks for your service.

      Also, as a thought, I wonder at what point they realized it was too late to turn around. I'm imagining fairly early on.. There's a point that if they stop to turn around, they're fucked. So do you stop and get fucked? Or do you keep plowing through it and pray for the best? (Not asking you specifically, this is more of a general question.)

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000018963941 Tim Brown

      Yeah, as a former 63B, the air intake is technically out of the water, but at some point you have to question your leadership and say "sgt, this is a fuckin LMTV…….. not a boat"

  • Tyler Durden

    How is this under "funny" and "douche bags"??? The Nat Guard were there trying to help people, failed, and that is funny to you? If your house was burning down and the fire dept came to rescue you, BOB, and failed, would that ALSO be funny? Fucking retard!

    On another note, they should have sent the Marines…… Just my opinion.

  • The_Dood

    I stand corrected. All of the guardsmen that I know personally are the ones that I described. I am honestly sorry to have offended anyone actually risking their lives to protect this country.

  • http://www.facebook.com/RCChilds7 Robert Gamecock Childs

    WHAT?!?!?!?! they just wanted to go for a swim, geez

    only in "merica haha

  • guest
  • Zac

    The Army in general is a big fail, all we need is the Department of the Navy (which the Marines fall under)

    • panama99

      Zac, the Marines are great and always looking for recruits. But they have a specific mission get in, get a hold of a specific piece of ground and then turn it over to the Army.

      You may not agree with that mission and with the "new" battles/wars that are being fought now doctrine may be changing but not everyone is cut out to be a Marine. That is not to speak any less of any of the men and women in any of the other Services. If you have served or are serving great then keep talking but if you haven't go see that recruiter and sign up for a couple of years….any Service I don't really care which one.

      Then you can bitch and moan about one or the other being a "fail"….all of the Services have their issues and until you wear the uniform and talk to us Vets you ain't gonna know shit.

      God Bless you Zac.

      Stay safe.

  • stan
  • Drew1720

    The only stupid one is the douchebag just standing there when he could be helping.

  • Anonymous

    As a national guard member I don’t appreciate this being classified under douchebags, the only douchebags are the guy videotaping and the person at chive who put this in that category. Chive is my favorite site but you lost some points in my book today.

  • https://www.facebook.com/GoDukes Christopher McGowan

    Good thing The Chive tagged this under "Douchebags." Yeah, screw those doucebags, volunteering for America, trying to help out Americans and all!!

    • atlantaburning

      "Volunteering". Last I heard they get paid and are, generally speaking VERY much interested in what benefits they personally get from signing up.

      -AND- they get their asses kissed for it.
      Side note" Guess what professions are the most deadly? NOT the military. Next time you see a garbage man kiss his ass.

  • Hetz

    The idiot is the guy taking the video that thinks a vehicle’s engine breathes through the exhaust. There’s the idiot.

  • USLethal

    Hey to all you fuck heads talking shit about these service members who were most likely following the orders of some inept officer, GO FUCK YOURSELVES! Members of the National Guard have sacrificed with their lives since 9/11, and have served in combat alongside active contingents through the duration of both the Iraq and Afghan campaigns. Instead of talking shit, why don't you swear and oath, pick up and M4 and about 80 lbs of 11 bravo gear, and replace one of them in the sandbox, if you can afford to run your mouth. Oh, and this is coming from a USMC grunt, all rivalry aside…

    • panama99

      Nicely put.

      Thanks for your service. Stay safe.

    • atlantaburning

      US Lethal, thanks for "volunteering". I know you're simply wanting to serve and don't do it so you can have your ass kissed by the public and get more pussy. It is very dangerous being in the military.

      Well actually I don't know.. military service is less dangerous than working as a garbage man, shop fishing boat jobs, trucking or any number of construction jobs. And I've never met anybody that wasn't interested in the social recognition and training, benefits that comes with being a bad ass troop. They like to get sanctimonious and self-righteousness because they are *superior* too.

      • USLethal

        Although I am well aware of your sarcasm Atlanta, you make a good point in referring to the tools that all to often do use their military status to get their "ass kissed by the public and get more pussy". I'm not one of those though, so sorry but that point is lost on me. I actually get rather angry when I see that behavior, which I'm sorry to say happens more often than not. If you're referring to the US Lethal handle, well I've been a Chive fan for a while, and made that up during my first deployment when I was young and cocky. I'm not the biggest fan of the Guard, but they don't deserve to be ridiculed by a bunch of numbnuts who don't have the balls to fill their shoes. Oh, and I completely respect anyone who makes an honest living, construction, or what have you, but to say that serving in combat is less dangerous, well, you might want to try a first hand comparison some day.

  • Pants

    I just love how people are trying to defend these guys when the fact remains that the dumbasses tried to drive their vehicles under the fuckin water. How stupid can they be?

    • panama99

      Pants, military vehicles like the LMTV cross high water and are made to cross high water. Now even I admit that water was too high and at some point the driver or senior person (NCO) hopefully should have said something but as you can see that didn't happen.

      The LMTV is a very versitile vehicle. We also don't know what this young Soldier orders were prior to departing his base. I hope he was given some latitude in the decision making of arriving at the final destination but we will never know because all we will ever see is a goofy video with a bunch of goofy civilians screaming "stupid" on it next they'll be asking for help and wanting to know where the help is at also. They will aslo be angry that no-one is bringing supplies to them and the reason for that is because the Guard decided to stay at their Base Camp in order to keep their vehicles dry.

      If you had family members out there you would want these men and women coming for your ass, even with the inexperenienced drivers because the only way you get experience is by driving in that kind of crap.

      Just my thoughts.

  • USLethal

    Oh and the narrator should be shot in the fucking throat along with whoever came up with the idea of posting this under "douchebags".

    • atlantaburning

      Exactly, Thanks again for your service U.S. Lethal. America needs more good men such as yourself. I salute you.

      • USLethal

        I think we're becoming buddies Atlanta. Ever get angry? Happened to me…

  • Paula

    A nice "you idiot" to the narrator for such foolish comments, and an nice "well done" for the -Infinity IQ of the drivers.

  • GEOthe2

    Those guys are stupid

  • Jesse

    From a former service member: These guys are idiots. Wasting tax payer dollars because of their poor judgment, and removing valuable assets from service that could have helped people. I doubt they would have been as reckless if they owned these trucks and not the tax payer. What a waste. And the people on the bridge made the right decision to not help them; they weren't in danger, except from themselves. Idiots.

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