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    holy shit americans are defensive about their military :O hehe 🙂

    • atlantaburning

      "We" are a military empire. That's the mentality you get. Not everybody in the military is an asshole. I've met very intelligent guys that would laugh at this video as you can see in a couple of the posts here.

      • AsciiAdam

        I think most people here defending the Guard think the video is funny. Hell, I wish I could have been there with them. I would be standing on top of the truck laughing my A$$ off. I am just defending the fact that people are saying how stupid they are for making one bad call. Heck we don't know, they may have saved 100 lives that day. It is still funny though.

  • 03_SE_XTERRA

    the camera man repeatedly referred to these guys as stupid when he himself is in fact stupid… that big ass snorkel behind the cab is the intake not the exhaust… an exhaust pipe continuously lets exhaust fumes escape the engine… if it went under water nothing would happen as long as they didn't cut the engine off exhaust would keep blowing out… this is exactly why no person with respect for themselves and the human race would watch Jersey Shore… people from Jersey are idiots.

  • ComeAtMeBro

    Well, there's your problem……

  • Dan

    National Guard, not the best branch of military service!

  • Sammie soon

    I’m also pretty peeved that theChive tagged douchebags with this post. Pretty low guys. The video was funny though, other than the annoying commentary. But those guys were probably just following orders from some dumb ass higher up. You gotta do what ya gotta do.

    Anywho, next time a video like this pops up, please refrain from calling our servicemen douchebags. Kthx.

    • wolf

      maybe the dudes filming it are the douchebags. It was funny though. I laughed.

  • wolf


  • Kmartell

    I love the chive, I really do, but the title and tags really got to me. Sure the video is an epic fail and there’s no denying it, but really? No respect for bob.
    Sincerely, an NJ guardsman.

  • Doodledot

    They did fail, sure. But I'm damn impressed how long they drove underwater for, gotta love them for trying

  • Lia

    No way! I was watching CNN when I saw this the first time. I remember thinking how remarkable it was that vehicles were floating in such an orderly fashion down the street. For a fraction of a second, I thought about somebody actually driving, but I dismissed it as being an idea that was entirely too silly. It was a bad idea, sure…but if you have to get from point a to point b and you don’t have any really *good* options, you go with what you’ve got and hope for the best. Can’t say, for a fact, that under identical circumstances I wouldn’t do the same. I’d like to believe I could come up with a better idea, but …

  • Nitrox

    That's why USA will become like a third world country in a couple of years.

    • nitrox

      They waste their money in army and they dont care about financing schools. Sad…

  • Eas

    Submarine mode: ON

    These dudes got back in their trucks after they figured out which road to take and kept on going. SOoo… EPIC WIN.
    What's up with the whinny dude recording this? "They're such dumbass' durr hurrr."

  • Stephen

    Weekend Warriors….. LOL

    Reason #12361284761461782 I joined the USMC.

  • guest

    I agree with Dean the guy with the video camera is a douchbag. the national guard is trying to help people and all he's doing is making an as- out of himself. Put your camera down, shut your f—ing mouth and try helping someone out.

  • greenpasturesart

    Special thanks to the National Guard for their service and willingness to risk their well-being to help those in need. All I saw in this video was a moron recording said National Guard trying to help people all the while being a lazy American. YOU are the loser in this video.

  • http://reposted.us/2011/08/national-guard-attempts-to-demonstrate-their-masculinity-it-doesn%e2%80%99t-work-out-video/ National Guard attempts to demonstrate their masculinity. It doesn’t work out (Video) : Reposted

    […] TiminPhx says: August 30, 2011 at 11:36 am […]

  • bobcouldntenlist

    Hey Bob, at the end of the day, after getting your rocks off calling these troops stupid, idiots, etc, I hope you pull your head out of your ignorant @ss. These troops will STILL be out in the field while you lay around and get fatter. But hey, like you said, they're just stupid, right?

  • ScottieD

    Douchbags?!? Pretty shitty Chive. It’s called a snorkel dumbasses, it allows the hummer to fully submerge the vehicle and still run so long as the snorkel is above water, it’s an elevated air intake. The guys are doing as they should. It’s called look for people in need. The hummer can take care of itself.
    The pop up ads were annoying, the censorship last week was freaking weak, ya’ll are losing your awesomeness daily.

  • molonlabe11b

    So, Yeah, this is my unit. Regretfully I was not there that day. and narrator, shithead, I dunno, this was a rescue mission, the guys were going out into town to pick up people stranded in their houses so they could get dry clothes and food and have somewhere to sleep that was not under 12 feet of water. So suck a donkey dick narrator, man up and enlist if you think you could do it better.

  • ScottieD

    Correction: it’s not a hummer, my bad. It looks like a deuce and half. Still same setup.

  • James

    This is why helicopters were invented

  • WhiteheadRamona

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    I am in the guard and know not to drive my vehicle down a flooded street. Good job NCO

  • Robzilla

    I am one of the designers of these vehicles. The funny thing is that if only the driver had a snorkel or could have opened the turret ring hatch and keep there heads above water; and could keep the foot on the gas, they would have made it. The water fording plane requirement is much lower than the top of the cab however, we sometimes tested them pertty deep.

    • Robzilla

      Also, Look between the back of the cab and the rear capsule as the vehicle drives by. you can see the snorkel on the drivers side above water by about 2 inches.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a LMTV not a hummer

  • brightoolinshed

    Funny how the guy on the video call them stupid when he observes the muffler or tail pipe go under water. A vehicle will run with a tail pipe submerged. The problem was they did not have a snorkel, therefore leaving the air intake or air filter submerged in water. excessive water in air filter= car stops=cylinders blow

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