Russian kids night club is all kinds of disturbing (25 Photos)


  • Kamu Tidak Akan Percaya! Ternyata Ada Night Club Khusus Anak Di Rusia (full pic) | SALAM EQUALITY

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  • warthog mom

    suffer the children

  • Spenny

    #13 has a really well played photo bomb

  • WaikikiWayne

    Pedo, Pedo…. Everybody Pedo!!

  • joeb

    Is this near Chernobyl?

  • dana m

    I don't see what's disturbing about this. If this was outside on a front lawn with a sprinkler it would be no biggie. Just because it's indoor it's creepy?

  • Yeah, okay

    Her umbilical cord is still partly attached….

  • anon

    welcome to 4chan chive.

  • Bryon T. Pischke


  • 10foto

    More kids in to club party

    becouse it's kids party ))

  • Jenn

    This is sad. Just brings tears to my eyes. These kids have no future.

  • Niko

    GUYS!its only for summer!they opened doors for children because there wasnt so much overage people in town!

  • Muritala Saheedsilent Ayinde

    love this

  • Chris

    This whole thing is just so disturbing.

  • Steve

    I am a pretty much an "anything goes" kind of person but even I find this disturbing. Man, it's pretty wide open over there isn't it.

  • Anonymous

    This is wrong… Slap the shit out of their parents for allowing them to go. My kids would never be doing this. Absolutely wrong. This is very wrong. Oh my god.

  • Kamu Tidak Akan Percaya! Ternyata Ada Night Club Khusus Anak Di Russia (full pic) | Blog |

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