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  • disturbed

    #27 Klingon on the starboard bow!

    • P90

      Heh, now I've got 'Star Trekkin' by 'The Firm' playing in my head, thanks.

  • Daily Afternoon Randomness (29 Photos)

    […] Military theBRIGADE […]

  • Schuultz

    #7 The writing on the shell says "Fleeing from the Reservists-Maneuver Alten-Graben 1913"

  • Kodos

    "Fighters are fun. Bombers make policy."

  • Whiskey Tango

    at the end of a long shitty day, be thankful you're not the guy humping the m240.

    • Bob

      You speak the truth.. I learned years ago that 0331's (machine gunners) tend to be cranky. Thankless and dangerous job..

  • Nute

    #21–Lemme guess. Mine detectors?

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