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“The New Jersey National Guardsmen had been sent to the town of Manville on Sunday to evacuate residents from the rising floodwaters left as Hurricane Irene swept up the East Coast. What they did not plan on was becoming the unfortunate stars of a viral video sweeping across the Internet.
In the video, two National Guard trucks drive ever deeper into the chocolate floodwaters until the trucks are nearly submerged and the seven people inside are forced to crawl out the windows and cling to the top of the vehicles. An onlooker with a camera proceeds to heckle the guardsmen.
“Are you guys that stupid?”
“Why would you take a guy that can’t swim?”
“You guys are stupid.”
Chief Warrant Officer 2 Patrick Daugherty, a spokesman for the New Jersey National Guard, said it was an ambitious effort that took an unexpected turn.
“In many cases, soldiers, firemen, policemen, they overcome the impossible,” he said. “Sometimes, they enter the darkest places that people would never enter. Those soldiers were there to search for and assist residents of New Jersey who needed help. … Unfortunately, things didn’t work out right.”
The trucks are designed to drive through about three feet of water, but shortly after entering the water the first truck’s engine stopped working, he said. Even though the engine and electrical system had gone out, the truck continued to move because it was on a downward slope, making the drivers in the second truck think it was safe to cross.
“When the first vehicle entered the water, they believed they could overcome the obstacle. The depth was deceptive and the water was murky,” Daugherty said. “Once they realized that the fist vehicle was immobile and that they had been overcome by the water, it was too late to retreat, they had committed themselves too far.”
No one was injured and the National Guard is looking into the mechanical failures that occurred when the trucks drove into the water, he said.”

  • Mr Knows-it-all

    Meh, I don't see how you can blame the cameraman. From his point of view it's two National Guard Trucks driving through ridiculously deep water for no apparent reason. Also, why you would take a guy who can't swim to a flooded area? Isn't that asking for trouble, bordering on reckless endangerment on the part of the CO?
    Also, why didn't the guys in the lead truck somehow communicate to their comrades that they had a problem, instead of leading them on into a potentially dangerous situation?
    This looks to me like the Guardsmen did not know what their vehicles were capable of and what not. Either that or they made the mistake of not checking how deep the water was before they went in.
    All in all, this looks to me like it's a frustrated Jersey dude whose whole town just got flooded and then sees the guys that are supposed to help fucking up. Those comments seem born out of sheer frustration, not mean spirited.
    Also, you calling him a "cancer to society" seems pretty fucking harsh and make you look bad yourself, Rick.

    • realist

      +1 on the above. Just because they're in the NG does not mean they're beyond reproach. These guys messed up big time. It's their duty to know the specs and capabilities of any equipment they're issued better than the palm of their own hand (hence the stereotypical bootcamp image of assembling, disassembling, reassembling weapons). If the guys with the camera had been in a position to help and instead chose to stand by and berated the guardsmen, then they would be a.holes and a cancer to society, but that's clearly not the case here.

      The Number One rule of rescue work is "DO NOT CREATE MORE CASUALTIES". These guys went ahead and put their vehicles in situations they obviously couldn't handle from the get-go, completely disregarding the rule, and I dare say common sense.

    • Stan

      Pretty sure it was an accident, you 3 a-holes need to read

    • Rick

      I appreciate the feedback but sometimes you have to stick to your guns

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  • R.E.S

    Way out of line with your rant… these guys went to far. Plain and simple.

    • Rick

      I appreciate the feedback

  • lfod

    "The trucks are designed to drive through about three feet of water"
    I bet they handle three feet of water really well. That is a lot more than three feet of water. My only complaint toward that cameraman is that he didn't ask if there was anything he could do to help.

    I would want to know how the trucks got into that much water to begin with. If they fell off a ledge and couldn't back up then I guess I could understand… I know one of the first things we do when we ford a river were not familiar with get out and get wet before we get stuck. So you get someone out to walk in front with depth marks drawn on their pants/legs.

  • disturbed

    Well, you can see the lead trucks exhaust blowing bubbles and the depth stays pretty consistent so I call BS on the explanation that it died and momentum carried it. Once you submerge the snorkle though – just a matter of time before your done. I will give props to the guy in the lead truck that swam over to his buddy and got him to the edge. One hell of a swimmer – and that's tough in full gear with boots.

  • kinda

    Um you need to chill out ace. They were dumb and it could have cost them their lives. Situations such as these call for boats or helicopters. They attempted to use their vehicles beyond what the capabilities of those vehicles are and failed.

  • Mr Ruffles

    Ricky Ricky… why so much anger with the rant? I'm sure most of these guys are laughing at the video as well. It's 2011 everything will be caught on camera some good some bad. There are countless videos showing the bravery these soliders put on the line every day. This little video will not deter their effort to protect civilians. Your above the people in this video, take the high road. Believe. Achieve.

    • Rick

      As I said above, I appreciate the feedback, sometimes I do go too far but it was and still is how I feel

    • Jon

      Laughing at the video? No one on this site seems to realize the cost it takes to fix a vehicle like this after it is submerged in water. The man hours and parts alone are thousands of tax payer dollars. All because these Guardsmen decided to ford water that they knew (or should have known) was too deep for their vehicles. This is what we in the military consider, "fraud, waste, and abuse." It is abuse of government property for the ignorant operators who shouldn't haven risked the water no matter the situation (if they saved someone they would still have to come back the same way and wouldn't make it). It is waste of parts and man hours of the repair for it all. It is weekend warriors who decide to push their government owned vehicles too much because they don't know their MOS enough to realize there are consequences to their actions, and don't care because they don't have to pay for it. The average tax payer does. – military member who understands the maintenance cycle of vehicles in our nation's military.

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