The sexiest players in this year’s US Open (25 Photos)

  • donald


    Missing but not missing: Serena Williams

    • Shane

      Swap Venus for Serena and I'm good.

      • truth

        that's even worse. serena is a legit gorilla. she could play d line for the jets

        • Red

          Kinda sad, but true. Sorry.

      • MAX_POW

        Swap serena's ass for venus's and I AM GOOOOOD!!

        • truth

          wow… that's just sad. i'm sorry for you.

          • Jen

            truth, you are always such a dick, if you didnt already know.

            • truth

              thanks jen. its nice to know you are thinking of my dick:) yes, you'd like it

          • MAX_POW

            People don't know to read or are so dumb they don't understand. Let me "explain": iment to say Serena Williams ASS is better than Venus…and i would do dat ass until my dick falls off, grow legs and walk in to your mouth.

    • upy3rz

      You could swap them both for a kick in the balls…they're heinous.

  • tush lover

    #20, #21

    that's about right

    • GernBlansten

      Had the same thought scrolling past. Good one John.

      • SheriffPablo

        is #20 seriously the best picture of Maria Sharapova you could use though?

    • patov40

      Generic, "I see what you did there." comment. Well played Chive. Well played. B)

  • truth

    #12 REALLY? Which one doesn't look like the others…. yuck

    • Umadjebidiah

      #2 is worse, imho.

      • truth

        both are hideous

      • Underbaker

        I don't care what the fashion police say we should like, I prefer a woman who don't look like she needs a sammich. Everyone except #2 looks like they are fighting anorexia.

        • DERP

          That's because you're a moron. They are fucking athletes… the definition of fit.

          • Underbaker

            Yes lets go straight to name calling because I like a woman with a little bit of shape to her, which if you ask most doctors today they will agree that person with a few (I aint talking bloated here) extra pounds is more "Fit" then those without.

            • mikeraw

              No, you're a fattie. Beauty is objective and prewired into our brains, Sinead. Don't throw away your youth being a fattie.

  • USOPEN11

    part two of #8 is not wozniacki, it's another player, ashley harkleroad

    • Ha.Ha.

      you guys forgot Elena Dementieva.

  • Htisss

    #4 Love the short skirts of tennis

  • Stafferty

    #8 #10 #19 Much better ideas for a women's tennis uniform
    #11 You might want to see a doctor about the shoulder

  • mark

    #20 She has a great face. This pic doesn't really do justice for her

    • truth

      great ass too

    • damon

      i think the chive is just having a little fun

      #20, #21

    • Javelin

      Its fine with me!

    • jrey81
    • jrey81
    • northerner

      Maria has a great EVERYTHING. Beautiful lady. And OH THOSE LONG AND GORGEOUS LEGS…

  • James

    Slow day on the Chive, so let's rip off Bleacher Report.

    • maybe

      except the chive used better photos, didn't show us any of the men (thanks for that), and left out the most of the ugly women.

      • The Chivery

        You're GLAD they left out the photos of the men? I'm sad to inform you your Chive status has been revoked.

        Chive off.

    • davis

      I don't like sludging through a 50 pic slideshow, thank you.

      • apron

        agree, if anybody wants to see this same gallery, complete with dudes, crappy photos, pop up ads, and take 20 extra minutes to get through it, bleacher report is the place for you

    • Dirty Dingus

      Who the fuck reads Bleacher Report?

      THIS IS THE CHIVE! [kick]

      • numb

        Said Right, theChive is the best place. though can use a Guess that Ass pic. of the day… just saying.

        #20 – wins all around

  • Ferret

    #9 whats going on here? did i find a new dream job?

    • ickk

      2 girls 1 bowl

  • Rick Van de Schepop

    Wow, maybe I should watch some of these games. Some scream like crazy too.. nearly porn 😉

  • SlimtwigMJ

    #4 For me


    #25 stunning Gisela from Argentina….So many FLBP and Hump Day down there that we could fill up a few days worth of pages in this website

  • toogeekyforyou

    Most were pretty awesome! Maybe next you can get the best Volleyball women.

  • ROFLFunk

    #12 Not so much..

    • hMMMM

      Penis Williams!

  • Do0zer

    Lower pic on #8 is ashley harkleroad and gets my vote!

    • hMMMM

      wozniaki is SMOKING hot….and she's good

  • LuvH8fulChix

    Flavia Flav!

  • Dax

    #20 Really Chive, that's the best shot of Maria Sharapova you could find? Less Fappy Fappy, more Work!

  • mac

    #21 #23 winners!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ken

    #16… nice and classy

  • Frank

    Venus williams ??? …. seriously ??

  • Gern Blanston

    Pardon me while I go set my DVR…

  • Roel

    #12 Hell no!!!

    • Guest

      I feel like everyone feels "obligated" to put her or her sister on these lists. But…really?

  • Dan

    #7 She'd be hot without that moustache.

  • Umadjebidiah

    #2 Really? Really Chive?

    • Umadjebidiah

      I challenge you to point out one sexy thing about this woman.

      Post should have been titled "All female players of the US Open, take it or leave it, we have no idea what sexy means."

      • Umadjebidiah

        I guess one could be that she's not a man, for example, that's already a step in the right direction.

      • Underbaker

        Not everyone likes pencil thin chicks that are battling it out with anorexia, I see a fine specimen of a woman there who won't break if you hug her too hard.

    • kodakkid

      In all honesty did a search she is not a knock but out they posted the worst picture of her .

  • Sahan

    I came. I saw. I came again.

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