Would you sleep in the capsule hotel? (14 Photos)

I guess this is supposed to be water tourism at its finest. The idea is to ultimately create an entire floating village made from these mobile capsules. Right now, if you live in France or the Netherlands, you can have your own personal capsule delivered to the nearest body of water.

There are two capsules, a Survival Capsule converted from an escape pod complete with fishing net, hammock, blankets, and pillows.

Or perhaps you'd enjoy the Luxury Capsule. Which is actually the same exact capsule with a modified interior. The Luxury Capsule makes it rain with Survival Luxury Champagne, a kettle for tea, fruit, coffee, bottled water, and a disco ball with party lights (not kidding).

  • scruffynerfherder

    Especially if you've had to ride in one. Not fun at all!

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