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Burning Man seems… interesting (31 Photos)

  • Kanwar Singh

    #27 That is all

  • Rick

    What is Burning man???

  • myself

    never seen a hippie or hipster at Burning Man… no old folks either. It's lots of fun and so so friendly. This isn't the last year, it's become a non-profit starting next year is all.
    It's not a drug fest, gay fest or a hippie fest because their is no agenda – do what you like and make friends for a week. My favorite part is that there are no sponsors or commercialization at all.

    The people attending are only freaks to you – imagine what you are to them (boring).

  • PubicJones

    Fucking stupid. All of these people should be shot.

  • Michael Cerda

    #11 Zoom out! Zoom out!

  • Nikolina

    First impression: Wow, that looks really fun and creative and so awesome!
    Final impression: "Look at me! Look at me! LOOK AT ME"

  • McDundlePants

    #11 wow

  • Burning Man

    Burning Man is awesome. The structures that are built for this short period of time are truly amazing.

  • normurai

    burning man is the love child of mad max and alice in wonderland.

    take me back home )'(


  • bateria para cargar movil

    bateria para cargar movil

    Burning Man Gallery : theCHIVE

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