Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • LSUgirl88

    #23 what happened to all the duck fans that told me how bad we were gonna do saturday?!

  • Kleam

    Not sure if you guys know this or not but your mobile site its stuck on last fridays daily afternoon randomness. it will not update. I can search and check the categories but the home page will not update.

  • Gmetsch

    #44 this should really be a new category 🙂 bridge Monday

  • thisshitisbroke

    Your mobile web page has not had a new post since Sept 1. You will probably never read this.

  • john

    We need a lot more of #23

  • RichG.inIN

    Is your mobile website down or what? I have seen nothing new posted since 9/1/2011. Today is 9/7/2011. Please reply.

  • wtf

    Anyone else find the mobile site stuck at this 9/1 DAR posting?

  • Debo1547

    What the fuck is the chive closed?!?!?!

  • jmjazzy

    TheChives’ mobile site isn’t working! Please fix! I miss not being able to go on it every morning on my commute to work!

  • tt


  • Anonymous

    WTF! This has been on my m.chive for almost a week! Why oh why can’t I see new posts!

  • David

    Your mobile site hasn’t updated since september 1st. Might want to troubleshoot this thing.

  • Wildcard

    Anyone know having a problem getting the mobile site to work on IPhone? Can’t get site to load into non mobile version. Really making my work week suck. Was wounding if there was some way to contact theCHIVE to find out if there is aproblem or if is just me.

    Thanks to anyone that can help me out.

  • Aintnoslouch

    #15 is truly amazing! Moar moar moar. Luckiest tag I’ve ever seen

  • SoooChevere

    OHHH my gosh #28! Can anyone tell me what they were thinking

  • cheliostoast

    #49 owns it.

  • Rebecca

    I love chive

  • Anonymous

    Dear chive. Please update the mobile chive site. Last update was Sept 1!

  • Giggity

    Has theChive shut down?? Nothing since Sept 1.

  • letmebeonyou

    I don’t know what’s going on but this is the last post I get to. No more updated posts since 1st of sept. I need the chive I am going f-ing crazy!!! Please help me. (Droid)

  • Rune

    What movie is #26 from?

  • Ben

    #20 You do realise this is a picture of a kid getting stabbed at Nottinghill Carnival in London?

  • Stephanie

    #49 I don't blame her. Pasties hurt like a bitch! Just go naked next time.

  • masson

    #44 should ne a new category!! Holy hot as hell!

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