Daily Morning Awesomeness (20 Photos)

  • Joe

    #23 I can't find Waldo anywhere

  • He'sSerious


    I literally involountarily spurted pre-cum at this picture….i felt it get sticky in the underwear…. it's ok though cause i punch out at 6pm central…..i just wish i was joking.

    I seriously could not control the ejackulate from happening the moment i recognized it was emma watson….soo chive on.

  • Tyson

    I like these, especially Mr. Ab-face. On a more pertinent note, here's a funny cat http://imgflip.com/i/2t1

  • Beave26

    #15 F’ing hilarious. Chive on!

  • saucy

    I found waldo to the right of the tiger thing and above the naked guy

  • unknown

    #23 find woldo

  • chive turkey


    Man, I hope that's a dummy. Regardless, the field goal was good. Tough way to get three points.

  • BBC

    #15 just made my day

  • http://www.facebook.com/mario8732 Mario Alberto Rdz Vela

    #13 "Hey, what are you doin'?" "Aw you know just hanging with my plane up-side down above the clouds.. You know the usual."

  • salah


  • chucklit finga licka

    #26 chernobyl?

    and #8 I just don't get one piece resurgence, they suck

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