• Shotgun Dave

    Gun safety is hilarious!

    • Tight Grip

      I don't even know how that happened. Shotguns aren't that strong ._. What a pussy.

  • rainwulf

    Nothing could ever go wrong here…

  • Sumer Gill

    it all fun n games till someone gets their dick blown off!!!!

  • Josh Gorter

    Dude did when I just about blew your head off I just about pissed my self laughing.

    • doug1550


  • Bill57

    he is lucky he didn't kill anyone

  • MattW

    Slow motion laughter is epic laughter.

  • Guy loses control of gun, everyone has a good laugh (Video) : Reposted

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  • Unanin


  • Brian King

    Shouldnt this have been part of the Redneck post?

    • float

      ??? Rednecks are the ones who know HOW to use a gun you fucktard

  • Paula_

    There's one frame where he is flipping us the bird! No trolling, see for yourself at 17 seconds.

    – "Paula is to Chivettes as DAR man is to awesome…"
    — LG –

  • SA Resident

    Dumb ass!!

  • T-Bagg

    Lets give the guy who's apparently never shot a gun the double barrel.

  • Patrick

    Way to hold a double barrel an inch away from your shoulder.

  • Flicka

    Ah gawd. Not funny. This is how people get shot by accident. I'm a gun enthusiast even but this is terribly irresponsible. Like the kid who accidentally shoots himself in the face with an uzi at youth range day because he lost control. Trying to surprise someone with gun kick is a very dangerous dick move and proves you unsafe.

    • Grodon

      Yes mom. We'll be more careful next time :\

    • Justin Sargood

      Hey i spend a good amount of time the rifle range myself, and it scares the hell out of me knowing that idiots like this could show up at any moment.

      • Karl

        When idiots like this show up, I pack up and leave. I only shoot with friends and people I have met at the range that I have seen can shoot responsibly. If I don't know the person I put my chamber plug in and back out of the lanes….far back to safety, until I can watch them be responsible.

  • ROK247

    GIVE 'ER BOTH BARRELS! thatta boy.

  • Kayla Smith

    Take your finger off the trigger there, boss, before you blow your damn head off. Retard.

  • anal_leakage

    Im no gun expert but wouldnt you have to cock the shotgun again for it to shoot again? After the initial shot I think everyone is safe… other than the idiot twirling the gun like a flag girl.

    • james

      a double barrel shotgun can shoot both shots consecutively. no reload or cocking required, this could have gone horribly wrong. the gun is designed for bird hunting if you miss a shot you have a second shot at the bird, or if you scare up two you can get both

      • Tim

        I think you missed that the recoil was strong because both barrels were discharged at the same time. I.E the gun is unloaded after the shot.

        As for the flag spinning, once he regained hi grip on the gun, he immediately points the gun up and away from anyone else.

  • jrey81

    well, if a woman needs someone in the kitchen to help with any heavy lifting… here's your man. time to trade in the man pass for an apron, fella.

  • Ralphie

    You'll shoot your eye out!!!

  • Screwdriver

    Why guns should be banned for retards……everyone else I am ok with.

  • Bless1


  • Tim

    He shot downrange in a safe direction.

    After he shot the gun would have been unloaded, and he still points the barrel in a safe direction.

    Where is the danger?

  • Dan

    I bet he had a heck of a bruise on his shoulder that night!

  • Verbal_Kint

    That's really pretty sad. My 14 y.o. can handle a 12 gauge better than that. What a pansy.

    • Frank

      Ahh, but has your 14 year old discharged both barrels of a double barrel simultaneously?

      • Verbal_Kint

        No. But he's half this guys size and can handle a 3" Nitro Mag.

        • Frank


          Just saying, pulling both triggers gives you a lot more recoil than even a 3 1/2 inch. It can be surprising to someone who has not done it before. That said, it it still very much controllable, when you know what your doing, and this guy should have handled it easily if braced for it properly.

  • Michael Cerda

    That's what happens when you "pull" the trigger instead of squeezing ladies and gents

    • Frank

      You don't "squeeze" a shotgun Mike.

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