Meet the R2 Girl, Melissa (31 Photos)

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For the past few months, Melissa (Pinky) has been responsible for some of the more creative photos submitted to theCHIVE, not just her own creative sock-meets-tush combos but some of the lol's you get as well. Melissa's appearance as the COTW is a long time coming and very well deserved. Take it away, Pinky:

Hi Chivers! I’m Melissa, your R2 Girl, but I post on the Chive as R2_Pinky (formerly just Pinky). I’m from God’s Waiting Room, otherwise known as Florida. I try to make up for being temporarily stuck here by going to every Star Wars Weekends and Megacon in Orlando each year. I even had the opportunity to go to the opening event of Star Tours at MGM in May. I have a Master’s degree in Accounting (you can't get much nerdier than that!). I love travelling, roller coasters, British comedies, and music. Oh, and I can probably kick your ass at DDR.😉

I sometimes think of myself as one of the guys, which I’m sure they don’t mind me hanging around. I love to be outside, the way to my heart is through food, and I can hold my own in quoting tv shows. But I’m a girly girl too, and love my collection of thigh high socks (I think you all might be catching on to that!) I have also been a dancer since I was about four, so we can give credit to the years of ballet for my booty.

This really is the best and nicest community to be a part of, and I am humbled to be Chivette… so thanks, and Chive on!

  • Tbone

    You should definitely submit a new pic, although I have enjoyed the pics you have made onto The Hump recently, #19 on Feb 8th I think it was. And I always comeback to check out the great combo of beauty and Star Wars, both I love. Keep shooting the hot pictures!

  • Buzz

    Thank you for being a star wars geek! Truly did not think Simeon’s soon beautiful would be such a fan! You give us star wars geeks something to hope for! Here is to hoping to bump into you in the shadow of the AT-AT! Keep it true! You still have my heart jumping all over the place!

  • BabyFarts Magizax

    def my favorite chivette

  • willie blanco

    what happened to her tumblr page? does she still post pics? a true beauty.

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