Meet the R2 Girl, Melissa (31 Photos)

For the past few months, Melissa (Pinky) has been responsible for some of the more creative photos submitted to theCHIVE, not just her own creative sock-meets-tush combos but some of the lol's you get as well. Melissa's appearance as the COTW is a long time coming and very well deserved. Take it away, Pinky:

Hi Chivers! I’m Melissa, your R2 Girl, but I post on the Chive as R2_Pinky (formerly just Pinky). I’m from God’s Waiting Room, otherwise known as Florida. I try to make up for being temporarily stuck here by going to every Star Wars Weekends and Megacon in Orlando each year. I even had the opportunity to go to the opening event of Star Tours at MGM in May. I have a Master’s degree in Accounting (you can't get much nerdier than that!). I love travelling, roller coasters, British comedies, and music. Oh, and I can probably kick your ass at DDR. 😉

I sometimes think of myself as one of the guys, which I’m sure they don’t mind me hanging around. I love to be outside, the way to my heart is through food, and I can hold my own in quoting tv shows. But I’m a girly girl too, and love my collection of thigh high socks (I think you all might be catching on to that!) I have also been a dancer since I was about four, so we can give credit to the years of ballet for my booty.

This really is the best and nicest community to be a part of, and I am humbled to be Chivette… so thanks, and Chive on!

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  • AmericoPolk

    What a great bunch of pictures very good looking lady

  • Danny

    Super Hot.!!!!!

  • Chivemaster

    I've always had a thing for nerd girls. And I've always had a thing for thigh high socks. Together with that tush, I think I'm in love.

  • sebward

    Only one word….RIDICULOUS!!!

  • Clhansen

    Mmmmmm… Sexiest geek I’ve seen in a long time.

  • jebu

    Stunning, just stunning. Shine on, Chive On, you crazy diamond

  • jb

    Will you marry me?

  • Anonymous

    So freakin hot!!!!!

  • Tommy Leigh

    Yo Melissa pop over the pond and come and watch Only Fools and Horses with me…have a think about it

  • JTL

    that was very gross… i threw up in my mouth a couple times!

    • R2_Pinky

      Sorry you couldn't enjoy… maybe the next Chivette will be more your thing. Now, you should probably go brush your teeth! 😡

  • WordsHurtMyHead

    Hey Melissa, since you're still checking this thread, thanks again for a great set of pictures. You are the sexiest chivette to this point, and it totally doesn't even have a thing to do with your love of geek-related subjects.

  • Gqbandit

    Wow!!!!!! sexy no matter the color of your hair. Nice photos.

  • Marty Howse

    You are really one hot nerd, I don't know what DDR is but I'm willing to learn

  • Drummers do it with rhythm

    You should be illegal! Come here so I can cuff you!

    • yumm u are sexy as hell


  • Snorphan

    You are the most amazing woman I have ever seen. I have to meet you.

  • Gaplover


  • parker

    Beautiful, absolute smoke show

  • Anonymous

    I think by far you are one of the hottest chivettes on chive. You blow all other compitition out of the water. Wish you would show up to a couple of Texas anime cons, cause God knows they could use your brains and booty there errr imean beauty. Chive on r2

  • G

    Imagine if girls like this existed in real life…

  • Adam Tanner

    really great photos – i think the Chive should have a request station – Melissa and a bottle of Jack – CHIVE ON

  • dirtydougie

    Need an extra camera man?

  • DieLawn19k

    This is still my favorite post on this website. God Damn.

    • R2_Pinky

      Aww thanks so much… what a complement considering all the smoking hot chicks on here! I come back and check the thread from time to time when browsing theChive to avoid working. 🙂 I did take the Chivers advice and go back to longer, light hair though… maybe I'll submit a pic. 🙂

  • Tbone

    You should definitely submit a new pic, although I have enjoyed the pics you have made onto The Hump recently, #19 on Feb 8th I think it was. And I always comeback to check out the great combo of beauty and Star Wars, both I love. Keep shooting the hot pictures!

  • Buzz

    Thank you for being a star wars geek! Truly did not think Simeon’s soon beautiful would be such a fan! You give us star wars geeks something to hope for! Here is to hoping to bump into you in the shadow of the AT-AT! Keep it true! You still have my heart jumping all over the place!

  • BabyFarts Magizax

    def my favorite chivette

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