Who went over the top? (174 Photos)

Well, it looks like I did. I made a post about the National Guardsmen loosing control of the their vehicle during the flood. To which, I posted the falling title:
"F*%@ this a** hole with his camera (Video and my rant)"
…and my rant went as follows:
"To the camera man and his friends, I hope next 4th of July while you’re getting drunk and watching the fireworks, you remember that your video makes fun of people helping your community. In fact, let’s go further. When you take your last breath in life, I hope this thought creeps into your fat head: you spent your life as a cancer to society. So there’s my rant. One last thing for these guys, using my personal favorite American phase, “f*ck you”."

After taking a step back and reading some of the comments, it has sunk in that the whole rant/title was a very bad idea. Simply put, I didn't think out my actions. Sorry for that one…it was just immature crap. I'm confident in my ability to make stupid moves in future posts but I'll do my darndest to learn from this and future screw-ups.

I'm pissed at myself, mainly, for the following:

1. People send me powerful images that they entrust in me to present on a respectable web site (I'll be it goofy at times)

and the real kicker

2. My goal from day one of theBrigade is to bring people to know the human-side of those serving in the Military/Guard/Police/Firefighters and all those here (and our allies abroad) who put there lives on the line.

Unfortunately, acts like posting "When you take your last breath in life…you spent your life as a cancer to society", undermines both my responsibility to those sending me photos…and worse, I beat a drum that forced people to "choose a side". So, if you're still reading, thank you to those who posted comments that pointed out that I took an irrational stance on a stupid little video. Basically, I acted like a child…and that will not help bring good people from "out side of service" to a point in which they want to take the time to meet those that serve.

I'm typing "sorry" but I promise, I'd rather apologize eye-to-eye.

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  • Bill57

    to err is human, to forgive is devine. If I never made mistakes I wouldn't be here, welcome to the club and thank you

    • Rick

      Bill, you've been a major contributor to the site…thank you

      • ass checker

        more then welcome Rick

  • http://www.aircraftraffle.co.za Grant

    Although i completely agree with you about the dumbassery of the video takers comments i also agree that letting it get to you isn't always healthy. That fool doesn't deserve an apology. Im not even american and have no interest of any kind in the reason for the wars your country is fighting but i am completely grateful for the sacrifices made by the individuals and families of your armed services. freedom of speech is abused at times and although the fool video taker made idiotic comments instead of assisting, or just keeping his mouth shut, it is your right to respond to his idiocy in any way you see fit. He probably wont apologize for his comments so why should you apologize for supporting and defending those army guys.

    • Rick

      thank you, I'm just pissed at my personal actions…freedom of speech is a pillar of democracy but I'm responsible for respecting that freedom

  • Iceman2509

    No worries man. It was an understandable response to a video that seemed to belittle our national guardsmen doing there job in the face of insane conditions. Your apology was all that was needed, not an explanation.

    • Rick

      I appreciate it, I hate when I get long-winded

  • Rico

    Where's the other 173 pictures???

    • Rick

      credit for a little titling craftiness?

  • mongoose5271

    Don't sweat it, Rick. It's so easy for people to armchair QB things when their fat asses are on the sidelines just watching everything go down. If I could've punched the guy taking the video through my computer, I would have. Obviously those NG guys were trying to help people in need and something went wrong, and this jackass felt the need to do nothing but criticize and it touched a nerve with you, as well as other people on this site, myself included. Criticize the mission, the politics or even the method but don't criticize the people that will put their asses on the line when called to do so.

  • ride for the fallen

    as i sit here, sticking a needle full of insulin in my belly, countering the effect of agent orange for many years ago. i gotta tell rick, yours is not an enviable task, reviewing the pic's of our men and women at arms, defending our way of life with theirs. i can't view those images you select for the rest of us to view with a middle of the road stance, don't know how you could either. like the man said, ya gotta stand for something, or fall for anything. you keep standing tall.

    • Rick

      when a man tells me that I don't have and "enviable task" while he is taking a needle to the belly, it really is motivating. I have no set path for my goal but it has been and will continue to be my best attempt to show the human-side of those serving…thank you

  • Raph

    hey Rick keep on keepin on dude, we appreciate the site, esp us vets

    • Rick

      thank you for your service and words

  • Dan

    You shouldn't apologize, and should have left that post up.

    • Rick

      my personal feeling haven't really changed but I had to step-back and look at the bigger picture, and thank you

  • Retired

    I salute you! CPO USN

    • Rick

      I'm far from being deserving of your salute, thank you for your service and being a part of the site

  • Rick

    what you're saying is exactly what set me off. why attack/belittle those on your own team (it's the same reason violent rioters set me off) thank you

  • chris

    My buddies in are all in the Army, and we happen to think what they did in that video was pretty dang stupid. We watched it and laughed at how stupid those guys were. It was the talk of the Batallion for about 10 minutes. That being said, we do stupid things all the time and laugh at ourselves.

    • Rick

      I have a track record of stupid moves that stretch from here to Terre Haute (see who gets that movie quote reference)
      hint: weave a tapestry

  • gino

    oooooooooh rah

  • Bob

    Rick, whether you were right or wrong in your comment about the guys filming at least you had the cods to make a statement in the militaries defense, too few do.

    I enjoy your site and the time you put into it. Bob J.

  • Nodootabootit

    Rick, you had ever right to say what you said, there was no need for an apology. This is a photo blog which teh very nature of it entails that you provide subjective commentary and personal opinions.

    To all those that did not agree with your comments, they had ever right to disagree, but you had ever right to say it, I leave you with this: "I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it." Voltaire

  • Rod

    I'm so sorry. I see what you've done here and you get upvotes for that but what you meant was "Albeit" rather than "I'll be it" . Sorry, grammar nazi moment here. Feel free to downvote me into oblivion. Thanks all.

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