• Chloe

    I'm not the only one that noticed Erin has fantastic hair, right?

  • Da Sandman

    erin can't act for shit…

    FLBP = "fart long time on your vagina penis…"? … i think i'm missing something here…?

    • Chloe

      Erin isn't an actress. she's a Chivette, one of us. and I think she was probably the best part of the promo

      • Da Sandman


  • chiver

    Fuck bucky and this paid for bull shit..

    • http://thechive.com/ GernBlansten

      Yeah godammit!! We want you guys to work on this stuff for us all day long for FREE!!


  • ChiveOn!

    Am I the only one that can't figure out HGITMON?

  • ChiveOn!

    Apparently I'm retarded. Hot Girls in the Middle of Nowhere. SMH… CO!

    • CSU!!

      SMH….CO! …. is that "Suck My Hog… Colorado!"

  • Coldzilla

    Most freakin annoying commercials on TV right now – not sure who that idiot is screamin at me but Id sure like to slap him upside the head with a locomotive

  • Raizer

    If you guys want to keep enjoying the Chive for free…. allow the guys to pay the bills

    • James

      Ummm…no…this isn't paying the bills. This is lining the pockets.

      • Percy

        ^^ I'm sorry but what is wrong with a little success?

        I'm 40 years old, but there is a mentality shift I've seen in America. Back when I was a kid (I know, I know) if we saw somebody rise to success we wanted to know how they did it. We asked questions about what it took to get there, we admired success.

        Our youth is beginning to think that success is bad, which is a wholly un-American concept. If we all start believing that success should be frowned upon, our country would be headed in the wrong direction… and things aren't great now.

        Hate on the Chive if you want, but I think I read an article about how two brothers maxed out their credit cards to start the chive and refused VC funding to maintain control even though they were broke.

        That's a couple Americans for you. End Rant.

        • winston

          read the same article. their monthly hosting fees exceed $30,000 / month. If i got a monthly bill like that, I'd faint. But people want everything for free these day-wait, the chive is free? I'm cool.

        • James

          Ummm…I'm a commodity trader. Cash rules everything around me.

          I don't care if they make money. I just don't like when good, working products turn shitty so the creators can get paid.

          • jamison

            the product in this case is the chive photos. they run ads all the time, always have. this video is also labeled 'advertising'. the product remains the same, in fact, the output of content has increased significantly over the past year imho

  • Marshall

    Looks like a new low for The Chive

  • Steven Glansberg

    I've heard that you can't really judge what this movie is like from the trailers because much of the movie and lines are R-rated and wouldn't be appropriate for trailers. So the trailers are probably comprised of some of the least interesting parts of the film. As opposed to some trailers that show you the funniest or most action packed parts of the movie, then you go see it thinking the whole movie will be like that. But then you realize that the only good parts were the parts shown in the trailer.

  • Tito

    This is to movies as Hitler was to ethnic understanding. ANYONE that says they will willingly see this movie should have their right to vote revoked, b/c obviously they do not make smart choices. I like Nick, but as an actor (especially this movie), he just does nothing for my funny bone. His best part is and forever will be Terry from Reno! 911. This movie is a shitpile and I really can't believe that this site is actually trying to sell it.

  • wiley

    have a little perspective, guys. my favorite TV characters all drink pepsi and then interrupt the show for commercials ever 8 minutes. We get a couple sponsored posts a week that we don't even have to click on and, in return, we enjoy the chive at zero cost? I'm good.

  • Higs

    More Erin and less of this fail of a comedian.

  • James

    Before this video, I didn't know if the website was pronounced "chive" like the plant or "chive" like part of the word archive. I was leaning towards it being like archive, because its like an archive of photos and videos but they wanted it to sound cool so just called it the chive. But I guess sharing it with the name of a plant is cool too.

  • Derp

    Chive you went full retard on that plug.

  • Dapper_Dave

    I like Nick, his stand up, and his movie appearances so far. I hope this movie doesn't suck….but out looks are grim.

  • bobby

    well well well… if it isn't erin in another chive post……….

  • Selmy

    A message from the Chivers –

    No one is going to see this shitty movie.

  • noseface

    this movie looks so fuckin dumb

  • http://twitter.com/Ambrocious @Ambrocious

    I dig comedies but this looks horrendous.

  • WTF

    Ok, who's the fucking troll/noob/asshole who keeps going through all the posts and thumbing them down for no reason whatsoever?

    Even the most innocent of comments are getting thumbed down … WHY?

    Whoever is doing/or does this – KNOCK IT OFF!


      thumbed down.

    • Guesty

      WWWWAAAHHHH!!!! someone is thumbing down comments and messing with a pointless "scoring" system on a photoblog. KNOCK IT OFF GUYS!!!!

  • Rusty

    Whats HGITMON!!???

  • Bless1

    movie looks retarded, too many plugs for this! togtfo-

  • Tim

    I like Swarsdon, but besides this, the commercials for the movie are not funny.

  • konaehukai

    Meh. Just watched the trailer and didn't think that it was too funny. Sure wouldn't pay to see this. The only good thing about this vid was Erin.

  • FLHomesteader

    Fuck that I'm watching JAWS REDEUX

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