Business cards that would make Patrick Bateman jealous (32 Photos)

  • WisconsinGirl

    #30 OMG I LOVE THE FARM!!!!! wanna steal a baby goat everytime i go there

  • Auz_E

    #15 how do I get permanent marker off my screen?

    • Underbaker

      Should have made copies first by putting the screen on the copy machine, now you ruined it for all of us.

  • WTF

    #12 Look idiots, this LOOKS like pedobear, so that's why a lot of us are thinking the same thing. Why the hell are you thumbing those comments down?


    You fucking trolls wouldn't know your asses from holes in the ground.


  • Bless1


  • DoucheMcFuckstain

    just in case you were wondering, is down, however they have a picture of a puppy.

  • SeaBassEX

    These all look like one-offs from graphic designers for self-promotion. Pretty cool, but business in their right mind would use them.

    • GernBlansten

      A lot actually, particularly if they are in the business of creativity. Interior design, wedding planners, photographers, etcetera.

  • PalmBeachChiver

    i need a job that i can have any of these sweet cards

  • bkfrijoles

    #2 sick nasty 😀

    • Master_Rahl

      here's my card THINK FAST!

  • laelow

    Next time I order bussiness card's, I'm getting #1 or #27.

    • steeb2er

      I don't get #1. Is it just his contact info under the pull? Does it open up?

      • Sebastian Schwaighofer

        yes and written on the pull is "kleiner aufreisser" which means something like "little playboy" but the german word for playboy (aufreisser) also means "to tear something open".. so its a word play

  • Reason

    I wonder what the folks at Google think of #23. #24 should be a copywright attorney…

  • junior

    #21…this is clever

  • Artastic

    Hooray for creative posts chive!! 😀 This is such a refresher

  • TomTheCameraGuy

    "Well, I'd love to give you my card, but they're 15 bucks a piece… so, sorry."

    • Juan E Garrido Castro

      good comment

  • Master_Rahl

    #22 Actual size? Those dudes are short. Bet their prices aren't HIGH… (ugh, I must be to even post that comment)

  • MidwestChiver

    It is amazing how creative business cards can be

  • WirelessCable

    I want #26!! Who knows a good plastic print house?

  • Dana Xu

    way cool

  • compadrekg


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