LaDainian Tomlinson S.D. House on sale for 5.2 million. Worth it? (24 Photos)

-5 bed, 5.5 bath
-Amazing water park-like swimming pool. A foot bridge to the slide
-10k sq. ft. of living space
-Lighted basketball court

  • John Mc

    Compensating for something??

    • The Dude

      Probably just the millions of dollars in the bank and the never ending parade of poontang.

      • Phil McKraken

        Why would he have to compensate for that?

    • Richie

      Compensating for his record tds scored in a season and his insane amount of money. Yea I would do the same.

    • inkstained

      Apparently we are the only ones that understand this. Sad.

  • turbodude

    What is the realtors number ? I could use a small home in San Diego. Keep it classy

    • Dan

      still laughing my ass off at this.

    • Poop Mcgee

      hahahahahhaha dude that shit was funny hahahahahha

    • Joe G. Stacks

      worth it

    • lynch

      i might sell my kid to live here. not reallyy..maybe..

    • NaNaNaMatmaN

      Bitches LOVE mansions

    • Sergio

      find it here on google maps. coordinates: 33.047217,-117.029988
      address is:18740-18750 Heritage Dr, Escondido, CA 92025
      Call (305) 531-1101

    • Blumpkin

      Take that mustang (#19) off the wall and you've got yourself a deal!

  • ...

    Nice Bob. You're about as brighted as it gets.

  • kate_the_gate

    Can anyone say ostentatious?!

    • mmmhmmm

      actually, no. no i can't.

    • speak-n-spell

      i can say it…
      sure as sh!t can't spell it.

  • misschris

    Wow it really is beautiful. A personal paradise. Makes me wish I was filthy rich.

    • yep

      start being filthy and then come see me…

  • BleedC&B

    Hell ya its worth every penny!

  • Orch

    I hate my life

    • Poop Mcgee

      me too

    • ChuckBarry


  • Shannon Coverdale

    I would say worth it.

  • Gary the Snail


  • franco

    $2M. Take it or leave it.

  • Dr. Hfuhruhurr

    Need a Saturday Night Fever dance floor, then yes

    • fuzzybeard2016

      If you can afford the house, odds are you can afford to add on/refit a room for that exact purpose.

  • Coldzilla

    #4 Wow thats a lotta wood

    • NothingToSeeHere

      (that's what she said)

      SORRY! I couldn't help it! sorry…

      • Coldzilla

        LOL Well played!!


    • Ilya Josefson

      Not the first time you've said that, playboy.

      • Coldzilla


    • meh

      Yep, it's wood

  • uberbrie

    Sure sounds good, I couldn't afford the property Taxes alone but it sounds good none the less.

    • TomTheCameraGuy

      I couldn't even afford the maid to clean it…

  • Nathan Bowen

    worth it if you're whole goal in life is to illustrate your ability to attain opulence. I for one don't believe that ability is worth having.

    • jred

      I has it.

    • LuvH8fulChix

      You could view it as opulence, or you could view it as art. Nothing wrong with wanting to surround yourself with beauty. Many of those rooms were truly beautiful.

    • DoucheMcFuckstain

      that's just poor people talk, Nathan.

    • Chiv3On

      That's because you're probably a liberal who thinks you're entitled to having your desires subsidized by the hard work of others. I'm sure you'd rather the government take LD's money and spend it more "wisely" on the extremely efficient and non-fraud-filled social programs that are currently bankrupting the country.

    • pancake nips

      jealousy is not becoming of you nathan

    • kyle

      ur prob. broke

    • truthserum

      I'm a hated troll on here and even I think your comment is as shitty as you are NATHAN.

    • biggles

      Bullshit. Anyone that says money can't buy you happiness. Is because you are poor.

      And if given half the chance to live an opulence life. You would take it in a heart beat.

      Unless you are the kind of person, who likes to get up and walk to the tv, to change the channel. toasts his bread over the stove, bikes to work, and basically doesn' t use any amenities.

      The whole idea of life is to make life comfortable for ones self. Not farking slave away until your too crippled up from arthritis from over working, to enjoy that last 5 years of your life, after you retire at 65 years.

  • Zac

    Thanks Bob, I'm just gonna go wash my mouth out with a 12 gauge shotgun now.

    • Sam

      lol 😀

  • Lia

    A bit too flash for my tastes…but, yeah, definitely worth it. If I had that kind of money, I’d rather buy a more modest house on a private island,

    • LuvH8fulChix

      Good luck finding a private island for 5 million bucks.

  • FolleRousse

    Give me the pool and the bathroom and id be content.

    • MAX_POW

      dont forget the kitchen…you cant use the bathroom if you dont eat first!

  • Auz_E

    I'll take it. Lemme just go fetch my wallet.

  • 7w33k

    Definitely! Where I come from, a house like that would cost 20 million easily

    • DoucheMcFuckstain

      Where you come from? Toolbag.

      • VaginalWars

        Because there are so many shitheads with money to burn in LA the poster is likely from somewhere in Canada – or just a place where douchebags like yourself don't often spend the crazy amount of cash they have on cars and mansions – thus driving down the market for huge places…I don't know what I' saying right now – but you're just a fuckface DoucheMcFuckstain

      • Tom

        In New Jersey a house like this would go for like 10-15 mill

  • aunvre

    ugliest thing i've ever seen…

    • The Dude

      Jealous a little?

    • MeYouThem

      I agree

      • patio

        I just thought the booze was working, glad others disagree. Not that cool

  • elboberino

    Seems legit.

  • Da_Boz

    How much to rent the closet?

  • Steven

    #12 5.2 mill??? and this kitchen is the best they can do????? WTF… Martha Stewart needs to open a can of Whoop ass on the Designer that did this..

    • The_Dood

      And what exactly would you do differently?

      • Kyle

        I agree with Steven. For starters, track lighting. Second, ventilation over the stove. Third, the cabinets don't go with the tile at all. Fourth, that's the sink? Seriously?

        And the theater has to be redone as well. A 50s theme? In that house? Insane.

        • Corey

          I have just revoked both of you and Steven's man card.

          • Corey


        • Tommy

          I agree. The kitchen is bad. So is the theater room. The kitchen, in a house like that, should be a pretty spectacular space. And you idiots, creating a stately home is extremely masculine. Quit glorifying laziness.

        • chrisk

          There's obviously ventilation over the stove. You think all that custom casework over it is for nothing? 80K homes have vents, good sir. And this kitchen has 15 grand in appliances alone, not to mention the aforementioned custom cabinetry, single piece granite countertops, 12 foot ceilings, etc. It's pretty nice.

          Agreed the theater room is in bad taste, but add all the other rooms and amenities to this, along with the fact that its in SD, and I think this home is a steal at $5.2M.

      • Steven

        For starters STOP GOING TO LOWES! and big box stores! For insperation perhaps flip thu a few issues of Architecural Digest.

        • The_Dood


          • gocubsgo!

            Insperation? Perhaps go back to school for spelling, bro.
            And I agree, creating a stately home is masculine. Think – "Stately Wayne Manor".
            Batman is a badass, enough said. This guy? I can't even pronounce his first name

      • Olie

        Stainless ovens and that colour scheme? And the granite? so 1990's. Dated hard. The colours are bloody hideous. I would rather an Ikea kitchen than that piece of tasteless rubbish

    • its_forge

      I agree, I'd surely do a lot more with a kitchen if I had that kind of cashola.

    • Steven Hickey

      Masculine kitchen? That should go something like this.

      Green Lacquer cabinets with gold trim.
      Black soap stone counter tops.
      Black walnut floors.
      Blacked out ceiling with lighting so dim you cant see thru to smoke.
      Fridge stocked with beer.
      Stripper pole on island bar with 2 hot wooties dancing.
      Bad ass Pit bull eating raw rib-eye.
      Last a bottle of Cavasier.
      I take back my Man Card. Thank you very much.

    • frankkie

      Steven, did you ever think that maybe he didn't plan on eating in his house much???…. Lmao.

  • Nathan

    I went to high school with him, he is just showing off because of where he came from.

    • DoucheMcFuckstain

      Jealousy is an ugly color Nathan.

    • JPV310

      From bum-fuck nowhere Texas like you?

      He had talent to leave that decrepid region, and has talent to never HAVE to go back

      • the tank

        Hey numbnuts Texas keeps this country afloat.

        • Joe

          Lots of nuts make my poop sink.

    • radiodial

      He's selling it dude, he's on the waaayyy dooowwwwwwn….

  • James

    That's actually a pretty freaking good price for a house that nice.

    • turbodude


      • its_forge


    • Chuck Taylor

      Exactly. 5.2?? Imagine what 10.4 gets you. That is a NICE house.

      • Elan Young

        It really is a good price…don't know anything about where it's located, but 5 mil won't get you anything close to that glamour in Vancouver, Canada.

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