This is all true (27 photos)

  • durr

    when i can get my felony expunged… #14

  • Chairman

    I have been yelling at those damn kids to get off my lawn for now 3 decades. Hard to belive that we have finally reached the point where Nick and GameBoys are "roughing it." I don't even want to to mention my vintage 2600

  • rodney

    looks like obamas old pals

  • Bob

    #2 not as much as 70s/80 kids. We had all the best stuff. The 90s were mostly crap.

  • Bob

    #5 iPad is overrated and overpriced. Just a toy for hipster scum and showoffs.

  • Katy

    lol at the 90's kids thing: "We had imaginations!". LIE! We had SNES, Gameboys and TV 😛

  • Marcos

    Tyler the creator FTW golf wan6

  • reeferman

    #17 is so u don’t piss on the seat then sit in it dumb @$$

  • @robotinside

    An interesting ad for 9Gag in #23….I didn't expect that…

  • Chris

    #2….you all buy iCrap and believe that gives you an imagination. What a tool.

  • ecoli8289

    #15 You don't have to understand it, you just have to mind it.

  • daisygirl81

    #19, Nickleback is an awesome band it's just teenage fanboys don't have anything better to do than to bring down music with talent, anyone agreeing with this needs to go and get their fuckin bieber CD out of their car, it's causing you brain cancer

  • Uncle Scotty

    #2 Awww. These 90's kids are so precocious. Btw, I guess the Nintendo 64 did require more imagination than the Xbox…….?

  • Plumberdude


    It's more for ladies than men, but the underside front of a toilet seat gets nasty, it gets worse in the ladies room than the mens room.

    Ask a plumber that does commercial installs.

  • The El' Conquistador

    #5 You dont know the difference in a tablet PC and a iPad…?

    It's called work.

  • Fucket

    90's kids? You mean today's fatfuck adults? Yeah sure did love using your imagination while playing Super Nintendo and Genesis and spending money on Power Rangers and shit.

    Dumb fucks.

  • Kenneth

    #2 makes me realize that every generation says the same thing. I grew up in the 80s and hate everything about that image. It makes me want to use words like "snotnose"

  • Anonymous

    #15 lol, really why?

  • mooberrys

    i always figured it was because some girls fuzzy fronts touch the front of the seat if they dont sit back far enough…. more hygenic i guess

    • mooberrys

      what you should be asking is why the green handle?
      80% of girls hit the handle with their foot….

  • Jeremy

    #15 is for Women so they can get a hand in to dry themselves. I think! The only other use is so your huge junk doesnt get strangeld in the hole.

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  • 1ch3nt31

    #24 amazing picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chive on………..

  • Eddy

    Ah Kirby you are perfect. Don't ever change.

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  • misjel

    8 true :d

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