Hot girls in the middle of nowhere (31 Photos)

  • Rob

    I don't know what it is, but #27 is amazing

  • CaracasChiver

    #2 and #25

  • McFly

    #3 #17#18 Good use of scenery and subject material.

  • coolaid

    #18 you ll be always in my heart.

  • SparksHelene

    @you I just got a $829.99 iPad2 for only $103.37 and my mom got a $1499.99 HDTV for only $251.92, they are both coming with USPS tomorrow. I would be an idiot to ever pay full retail prices at places like Walmart or Bestbuy. I sold a 37" HDTV to my boss for $600 that I only paid $78.24 for. I use

  • Lance
  • Swarley

    #1 #25

  • um_yeah

    #23 smoking in the backseat???

  • JFyn

    #6 Time for your sponge bath…

  • Anonymous

    Seems Chive is published and frequented by, only white people. There’s a ton of lovely white girls in these photos… but the only people of color are just there to be made fun of.

    Chive HQ = KKK.


    • Anonymous

      Way to be racist by assuming everyone else is.

  • The Gooch

    #28 I don't blame the tree, but I'd have a boner too

  • Dax

    #1 #18 Double Olivia = Double Awesome! Well done Chive.

  • Ckies

    #25 Maaaaan, her mama's got ASS tooooo

  • pbro

    #25 holy ass

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