Some think of girls in Stilettos, I think of the X-3 (22 HQ Photos)

The X-3 Stiletto E54-1228 was an early attempt at reaching Mach 2. It didn't work out but I love the ambitious attempt at making a pencil fly twice the speed of sound.

  • Bill57

    you can have the plane, I'll take the girls 😉

    • Teguh

      No, its an old Russian design from the 60’s (Can’t reacll the name). Apparently it was a successful design but the top brass in the Russian military felt it was too far a design departure from standard service rifle’s.

  • SPKorolev

    Further knowledge of inertia coupling was the x-3's most significant contribution to aerospace engineering.

    • guest

      cool story bro

  • fuzzybeard2016

    Why can't defense contractors build planes that actually look COOL anymore? God knows they're charging enough for them!

  • Logan

    #22 now that's something i'd fight to defend

    • Red

      Jessica Custodio.

  • Edaea_Sinid

    #18 Internet has got the best of me. I swear I had read at first "drawn by chuck norris". But I knew it couldn't be…because chuck norris is faster than light.

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