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  • Bob

    #5…"You know, I love playing pretend for a living, and getting to hang out with Scarlett Johanson and her ass, but I have never felt more ridiculous than I do right now."
    #6…More tattooed girl posts please.
    #20…Still is to people who can appreciate a beautiful woman as well as a slutty one.
    #23…Like this one.
    #41…Or these two. Dear lord.

  • adrianfish

    #6 that's a FIND HER

  • Cusestuckinwa

    uhhh #3 9/11 is right around the corner AND you can thank a soldier ANY day of the week..

    • Kela Phuckin' Delph

      It was still funny seeing it on Labor Day WHEN there is Veterans Day AND why yes you can, you very much can.

  • chris

    #47 where is that? i'm ready to go NOW

  • Brendan

    #12 Please find MOAR of the one on the right!

  • Angela

    #20 And it's still a beautiful, sexy picture.
    #37 She's fucking pregnant in that picture, give the woman a break. In a few months she'll be right back down to that "perfect" body all you guys love.
    #39 Holy shit that's the cutest fucking thing EVER.

  • KyleGamgee

    Keep On, Chelsea. Thumbs up!

  • EJK

    #36 – That's Edinburgh castle.

  • EJK

    #49 – Yeah sucks to have a Republican governor don't it. Obviously you're not praying hard enough for rain.

    He'll be begging for federal assistance next.

  • ken

    #42 Oven Dishwasher Clotheswasher Sandwichmaker all in the same effing room! Good job.

  • trevor

    #21 and #23 awesome!!!!

  • getreal

    #41 the answer is double yesss

  • Eric Minton

    #45 hang in there Chelsea!!!

  • Nihilus_13

    #39 I want a pet hedgie SO bad, but my dog would probably kill it. 😦

  • josephmdunbar

    #42 please god propose to her as soon as is humanly possible.

  • mike

    #45 Be better Chelsea!

  • pyrosis

    #42 is wife material. #22 What the hell?! #10 Meanwhile, at Charlie Sheen's pool party. #18 NICE!!

  • Shan Haroon

    #41 nah, they'r just hawt…

  • Rodrigo Liceaga

    #28 i think I know her check it out…
    she used to work with me down her in Mex

  • Rodrigo Liceaga

    #12 i think I know her check it out…
    she used to work with me down her in Mex

  • Rabbit

    #29 find her chive

  • rls

    @EJK These fires have swallowed probably more than a thousand homes (we're still not sure), several have died, thousands have had to be evacuated and are waiting to hear that it's safe, firefighters have come from all across the country because these fires have become too large to contain, not to mention the drought we've had to deal with which obviously played a large roll in this on top of the high winds which have helped the fires cross rivers, and I'm sitting here at home in constant fear that I may have to pack up and run next, losing everything I've worked for and all you're thinking about is how it sucks to have a Republican governor? Wow…

  • @danieljillm

    #42 Much respect. Have her make me a sandwich

  • Guest

    West Texas has lost about 10x that…

  • Musman

    #49 All of Texas is in a bad spot right now. Not only is the number up to 1200 houses lost in Bastrop County alone but now a good portion of the eastern part of the state are in flames also. If you have any ways to help please do what you can. It's the worst wildfire in Texas history and our wonderful president doesn't even make a comment about it.

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