Mmmmm…that sounds good. I’ll have that (20 Photos)


  • Greg Lee

    #2 is absolutely cruel. it thinks its gonna live and a mouth slices it in half.

  • nacirema

    #19 "most commonly eaten in America……………." Okay, quick poll, has anybody here (in America, or any of the other countries listed) known ANYONE who has EVER eaten this, EVER? For ANY reason. C'mon!

    • HardCore

      youd be surprised, I work in a lab and i have to wash placentas every day before they are dissected and we get a mother asking for hers back probably once a month, to either eat or bury in the backyard and plant a tree on top. i suggest neither placentas are gross, babys poo in the amniotic fluid so when you eat that you are eating baby poo.

  • Kenneth Sim

    I've eaten 11 out of the 20.

    They were mostly delicious.

  • DJB

    You forgot the Bear Gryll's urine

  • michelle

    Sadly… I used to eat #2 when I was about 3 when I still lived in the Philippines. Wtf was my mother thinking….

  • daisygirl81

    Just watch how #11 is prepared the other day on food network. The fish is still alive as the chef hacks off gills and cuts it down the middle before he finally cuts off the head and ends its misery. Pretty screwed up…

  • Drsgos_Nei

    Seems like you'll never find a hungry person in China!

  • isawoj


  • Miller

    I've actually had #10 (picture shown is before they deep fry it) They were actually pretty good, little chewy though

  • Mr.Sinister

    Sweet Jesus, the horror.

  • Kris

    #19 I almost ate my daughter's placenta in 2009, but I was so busy taking care of her that after 5 days I was afraid it had gone bad, so I buried it in the backyard 🙂

  • Karolis

    One problem solved by theCHIVE. I no longer want to eat 🙂

  • willeatsome

    I've had a few of these. Love the Balut!!! Chive On from the Philippines 🙂
    Bat soup tastes awesome too, had it in Palau.

  • pawlyna

    Excuse me, what's the "Soup de Jeur?"

  • trevor

    well i could have done without that. : /

  • Simone B

    vomit on my keyboard…..

  • andy

    #8 While in mexico i had Casu Marzu. I didn't know what it was. it tasted great, but then i found the maggots… i didn't eat the rest of that trip.

  • WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot

    This is probably better (for you and tasting) than hotdogs, Subway "chicken" or anything on the menu at McDonalds….
    #2 #10 #12

  • STI


  • bagsh

    Mongolian boodog is amazing and delicious. all the fat cooks off leaving a very rich meat.

  • Paul

    They the world thinks that the U.S. is fucked up….

  • Anonymous

    Only $5.00 for ox penis…what a bargain

  • Guest

    "I made you guys some Kumis from your mare out there"

    "We dont have a mare"

  • diego


    I´m so sorry but in Mexico we don´t do that shit

  • @trustnoone73

    #20 Horse milk sounds pretty tame, as for the rest WTF?

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