Hot Right Now: Bent over Taylor Swift is just asking to get Photoshopped (17 Photos)

She’s known as the real life Barbie Doll (20 Photos)

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This model from Moscow always dreamed of being Barbie. She's spent the last few years getting as close to that goal as possible. This is not weird in any way.

  • Jessica Black

    Them contacts are crap and she needs at least 3 burgers stat cos that rack of ribs is more starving ethiopian than hot.

  • reznor

    And this is why attractive people should also be able to be admitted to the 'crazy house'. Looking at you Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan

  • Michael Dufour

    Barbie doesn't have any holes -> not interested thank you ! :p

  • harrypalms1

    Nope.. Not hot.. Weird looking if anything. Hate the fake boobs. Her eyes look fake too.. WOW!!

  • um_yeah

    Douchebag = hotchixs???? Seen it before, will see it again!

  • Duvel

    I don't want to live on this planet anymore

  • Pat

    So she is a replica of Barbie? Does that mean that she doesn'thave a vagina???

  • nitrox

    Botox lips…blehhhh.

  • Joey

    Her eyes look photo shopped in ever pic… creepy… hot… but very creepy

  • Aaron

    And of course her significant other looks like a complete tool.

  • ANderWAN

    some more incredible photos
    thank you

  • Anonymous

    Not for me.

  • Abdelaty Shoaieb

    #6 #14 #16

  • guest

    Guess her name is Angelica Kenova

  • Da Sandman

    take away the head and she's actually pretty hot

  • Angie

    Idk… with the face being off a little bit #19 made me feel like I was looking at one of those cheap knock off dolls that was a sad attempt to look like barbie…. I-ronnny

  • bones

    somebody give that bitch a sandwich, stat!

  • devilkin

    Too skinny!! Someone get her a big mac ASAP!

  • daisygirl81

    After seeing this, I could really go for a cheeseburger and fries.

  • jkmcdermott

    #18 Am I supposed to have a problem with this?

  • beauty in the rough

    55 inch waist, or am I seeing that wrong? Can't be right, probably more like 25 inch waist.

  • beauty in the rough

    Nevermind, centimeters. She's paid alot to be another brainless Paris Hilton clone, not self obsessed at all.

  • Vexionic

    I'm not impressed…. kinda weak actually.

  • bill

    so,so.too skinny,no legs or ass nice tits though.ill pass

  • Saku

    That one of her in the pink bra with the silvery looking jewelry on her stomach is the first pic I saw of her. I was stunned. Such a pretty face… cute body, though boobs obvs fake. ._. But she's so freaking cute! Like a real live doll! >w< I'm a lady and mostly straight, but saw this girl and wanted to start dressing her up in cute outfits to fit her adorable look. o_o; I just realized she really needs to do a Sailor Moon cosplay, because balls will drop around the world. She has the hair, eyes, and the body for it. She needs to do it. o_o

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