She’s known as the real life Barbie Doll (20 Photos)

This model from Moscow always dreamed of being Barbie. She's spent the last few years getting as close to that goal as possible. This is not weird in any way.

  • Jessica Black

    Them contacts are crap and she needs at least 3 burgers stat cos that rack of ribs is more starving ethiopian than hot.

  • reznor

    And this is why attractive people should also be able to be admitted to the 'crazy house'. Looking at you Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan

  • Michael Dufour

    Barbie doesn't have any holes -> not interested thank you ! :p

  • harrypalms1

    Nope.. Not hot.. Weird looking if anything. Hate the fake boobs. Her eyes look fake too.. WOW!!

  • um_yeah

    Douchebag = hotchixs???? Seen it before, will see it again!

  • Duvel

    I don't want to live on this planet anymore

  • Pat

    So she is a replica of Barbie? Does that mean that she doesn'thave a vagina???

  • nitrox

    Botox lips…blehhhh.

  • Joey

    Her eyes look photo shopped in ever pic… creepy… hot… but very creepy

  • Aaron

    And of course her significant other looks like a complete tool.

  • ANderWAN

    some more incredible photos
    thank you

  • Anonymous

    Not for me.

  • Abdelaty Shoaieb

    #6 #14 #16

  • guest

    Guess her name is Angelica Kenova

  • Da Sandman

    take away the head and she's actually pretty hot

  • Angie

    Idk… with the face being off a little bit #19 made me feel like I was looking at one of those cheap knock off dolls that was a sad attempt to look like barbie…. I-ronnny

  • bones

    somebody give that bitch a sandwich, stat!

  • devilkin

    Too skinny!! Someone get her a big mac ASAP!

  • daisygirl81

    After seeing this, I could really go for a cheeseburger and fries.

  • jkmcdermott

    #18 Am I supposed to have a problem with this?

  • beauty in the rough

    55 inch waist, or am I seeing that wrong? Can't be right, probably more like 25 inch waist.

  • beauty in the rough

    Nevermind, centimeters. She's paid alot to be another brainless Paris Hilton clone, not self obsessed at all.

  • Vexionic

    I'm not impressed…. kinda weak actually.

  • bill

    so,so.too skinny,no legs or ass nice tits though.ill pass

  • Saku

    That one of her in the pink bra with the silvery looking jewelry on her stomach is the first pic I saw of her. I was stunned. Such a pretty face… cute body, though boobs obvs fake. ._. But she's so freaking cute! Like a real live doll! >w< I'm a lady and mostly straight, but saw this girl and wanted to start dressing her up in cute outfits to fit her adorable look. o_o; I just realized she really needs to do a Sailor Moon cosplay, because balls will drop around the world. She has the hair, eyes, and the body for it. She needs to do it. o_o

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