She’s known as the real life Barbie Doll (20 Photos)

This model from Moscow always dreamed of being Barbie. She's spent the last few years getting as close to that goal as possible. This is not weird in any way.

  • polly

    wtf ? she seemsvery shallow and narcissistic this generation is doomed! FOOLS

  • Kitty

    Amazing what photoshop can do.If you look at her eyes someone clearly have used liquify or whatever. No human being can look like this even how many surgeries or hours of exercise. This reminds me alot of wang jiayun who used photoshop to the extreme to make herself look like a doll.

  • Me

    Real or fake, doesn’t matter… I’d fuck the shit outta that bitch!!

  • Val

    Her eyes could be contacts duh

  • Eric

    How is this NSFW??

  • Sam

    another shank

  • Smiler

    For someone who wants to look like barbie, she sure doesn't smile alot? (Barbie is always smiling!)

  • khate

    whats her name?

  • loul

    beautiful but really wanna know where she got her ripped jeans from she wore in a magazine shoot pls x

  • paniz

    she is beautiful and real barbie i love her face and body.

  • Lucia

    She's creepier than the Chinese girl or maybe not…..

  • Anonymous


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