Clever geek girl makes a DIY R2D2 helmet (8 Photos)

Jenn is the founder of the popular Clever Girl blog. She's created an R2 helmet that would make anybody's morning commute a little brighter if she passes you on her bike ride to work in Philly.

More photos of Jenn's nights out with R2 here.

  • anguish

    All I know is I fell in love just now..

  • floscar

    It's humpday, at least you could have showed us her ass!

  • Simone B

    nice job, nice girl, but fucking un-safe helmet…. this type of "helmet" should be banned…

    Here in Italy are illegal..

    • anguish

      I'm curious, because other than the attachment sticking out of it, what exactly is unsafe about this helmet?

      • Simone B

        no problem with colours and all her (nice) job…

        it's un-safe the TYPE of helmet… it doesn't protect face, lateral side of the head and the back-side where you have the "little brain" (i don't know the proper name in English)…

        in Europe in a lot of country they are illegal…
        and it's a good thing!!

        if you fall down' with this helmet, you die.

        Don't you like your life to no protect your head?

        • anguish

          So it doesn't provide all around protection? Shouldn't that be the riders choice? Anytime you walk out the door, you take a risk of something happening. If you're riding a motor scooter or a motorcycle, you take a risk. Hell, helmet or not, there's a huge risk anytime you get into an accident.

          I see what you're saying, but that is definitely not the way things are over here in the U.S… I think the part of the brain you're referring to may be the cerebellum, but I'm on anatomy expert.

          I may be in Italy next year for a company trip, so this is good info to know.

          • Simone B

            – i've searched on google images… yes… "cerebellum" is what I was meaning.. 😉

            – i understand what you are saying… but I don't agree…Yes, it should be the riders choise… but not protect yourself is a stupid choise…

            – in Italy we have public health care… if i fall down with my motorbike, the state (by the taxes we pay) provides to all the needs.
            that's the reason why that "helmets" are illegal…

            – in witch part of Italy are you going to travel?

            PS: sorry if my English is not good…

            • anguish

              I don't disagree, not protecting yourself is stupid. That said, because of the public health care, then it probably makes sense that the type of helmet in the post is illegal. I don't agree with it, but I get the point.

              But, the question then is, what other kind of protection is required? Honestly, I think helmets are the only required protection here in the US, and that's only in some states. But there are full blown outfits that people can wear for protection…leather jackets, leather pants, Kevlar lined gear, boots, etc. Should such gear also be required?

              Not sure on what part of Italy yet. Trying to find out some details, but I probably won't know until after the first of the year. Looking forward to it if I do get included on the trip though!

              • Simone B

                an example: if you visit the "Sharp test" web site (Safety Helmet Assessment and Rating Programme) you can see the tests on a lot of helmets… Helmets like the one of the girl are not considered because they are completely unsafe… they protect just a little part of the head…

                In Italy no other protection are required… just a certified helmet…
                But I have to say… sometimes I race on track with motorbike… with helmet (five stars protection on SHARP site!!!), leather gloves, leather suit, back protection, racing boots, etc
                when i go on street by scooter wearing just the helmet i feel naked… if you start wearing protection you start to know the importance of them… really!

                I hope you'll spend some nice days in Italy… there are a lot of really nice place to visit… and GREAT things to eat of course… =)

                • anguish

                  All I know is that I'm truly looking forward to the trip, if I do get to go on this trip. Sadly, won't know until after the first of the year. Hoping so though!

                  I don't doubt for a second that they are not as safe as a helmet that covers the head completely. The sport bike helmets here in the states would probably fit the bill. A lot of people don't like them though, but those are more of your Harley type of owners.

                  In fact, the more I look at it, the helmet that she is wearing is a motorcycle helmet, I'm fairly certain. Looks similar to the one I wore when I was learning to ride. They may not do much from a facial laceration perspective, and depending on the impact, they definitely won't protect the front of the face at all, but they do at least provide some protection.

                  Be that all as it may, I'm all for more protection rather than less, but everyone is different.

    • echogeo

      I have a purple helmet that's pretty safe, Simone.

      • Simone B

        which is the relation between colour and safety?

  • Master_Rahl

    Cool, a creative chick, AND she's super cute. Chive, get us some moar!

  • PalmBeachChiver

    #8 not sure if hipster………… or kinda cute….

  • Jake


  • Geekin'

    "That is the droid I am looking for. "

  • Tom Wilhelm

    #7 Oh the huge manatee! D:

  • sirforsyth

    Marry me.

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  • echogeo

    I'd like to see R2 girl in the next FLBP post.

  • soda pop

    Where is the picture of the Raptor with the caption, "clever girl?"

  • bkfrijoles

    thats freaking sweet #5

  • Star Wars sucks

    This Star Wars crap just won't go away, will it? I'd like to propose the creation of a second internet where I can still look at porn and funny cat pictures and whatnot without constantly being bombarded with sci-fi and comic book references. Not trolling either.

    • the rest of R2D2

      ya wannaa look at pussy? look in the mirror you will see a huge one

      • Star Wars sucks

        More than you'll ever see, nerd.

  • ATB

    Yeah, she could totally be one of my future ex-wives

  • musicisajoke

    i can relax knowing i was right from the start

  • NebraskaGuy

    #7 #8 – This girl is not only creative, she's smoking hot to boot!
    Love the pictures – would like to see more of this girl (and any other talents she has), if she's willing to submit – can you make that happen, Chive? 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Awesome job, I love it

  • Blindsided5

    Make her a chivette.

  • Diego Colafabio

    Great work, i really like it.

  • Fasteddy14

    #7 I have a totally nerdy crush on her!!!!

  • thetaoofamy

    I love this! This chick is awesome.

  • ANderWAN

    some more incredible photos
    thank you

  • Eeik5150

    Chive worthy! Needs her own exclusive Chive spread…

  • mikeyil

    More about Jenn, as seen on

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