• Anonymous

    This is why I can’t stand cops. What gives him the right to act like that all because the guy that was pulled over was exercising his right for him to have a warrant. He should be fired!

  • Rob

    Farva from supertroopers? :O

  • officer


  • i have two weiners

    fuck you for knowing your rights, cocksucker

  • Jenny G

    What's amazing is, even if it is fake, that shit happens everyday! And there are ppl out there that will say, "Police officers don't act like that!", BS they don't! I've seen it—too many times over nothing. If that's real, good for that guy for knowing his rights.

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  • @Poopy_McPoop

    Fake or no, sounds like that cop is on his period.

  • TonnyTwoTimes

    after this asshole eats a bullet, they'll have some stupid new reporter say how he was a hero and died protecting the public. Most cops who didn't serve in the armed forces or train BJJ/MT are cock nobblers. just ask a cop and they'll tell you..

  • RollingDeathStar

    FAKE!!! Listen to the change of the pitch of his voice!

  • B ryan

    he needs some REEFA!

  • Chris Watts

    This guy's wife must not be putting out

  • unknown

    im surprizeed he did not ram the guys car lol that would be funny

  • @peteulatan

    He must have been looking for a bottle of "V"… lol taking True Blood too seriously

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  • Stefan D

    if you wanna be sure check out for a great collection of cops misbehavior on cams,pics,etc

  • Kevin Bacon

    I hope this cop got reprimanded, reminded that he is a public servant, and reminded that all suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Police workers, like this guy, are not allowed to display such behavior in view of the public.

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