• Paul_

    I have nothing interesting to say.

    • wahlers

      Neither do I.

  • Joseph Moore


    • myNameIs


    • Petey

      fuck you man

    • hMMMM

      can't determine the authenticity for sure, but wouldn't be surprised one bit if this really went down. fuck cops like these…they're the ones that give all the rest a bad name. respect our constitutional rights you fucking juicehead piece of shit.

    • okawesome

      I think it's real. Let's assume this is in a small town outside of Charleston, S.C. and this cop thinks he is a real bad ass. To the point of annoying his co workers. So this cop… lets call him Farva. So Farva flips out for the umpteenth time, but this time is co workers got it on tape. They decide they will make Farva viral, but they don't want their departments information on there, so they wipe everything but the video footage. If it's real I can't see how the tape could get out without police leaking it.

  • Wut

    The taunting over the loudspeaker at the end added a little bit more class to an already classy video.

    • David

      It's not the loudspeaker…it's the delay between the in-car mic, and the on person mic.

      • @viperspd

        I was just going to say the same thing. (Watch too much cops I guess.) It is this that makes me believe that the video is actually real.

  • n1ghtstalker

    I don't get it… why was he so pissed off?
    Did he need the drugs for himself?
    I thought he was going to pull him out the car and search it anyway but as all he did was drive away I don't get why he was so pissed off??

    • tooptoop

      he probably didn't get fucked enough that night

    • LiT

      he can't do that, I think he was so pissed because getting a warrant requires alot of paperwork, and maby he didn't feel like doing that ^^

    • Justin

      He thought that since he was not going to give the guy the speeding ticket the guy would in return let him search his vehicle and the cop figured he'd find drugs thus making an arrest. If you was a cop which would you rather say hey I gave this dude a speeding ticket or i arrested this guy for 10 lbs of pot.

      • Felcus

        The cop totally played his cards wrong, like Justin said. The dumbass should have asked if he can search the car after bringing up the prior charge for pot, then upon being denied without a warrant he could have issued a speeding ticket. Makes him look stupid to pull someone over in the middle of the night and not get a quota hit. That shit would have freaked me out though…

        • silly

          Please know your rights. The fourth amendment clearly states we are not subject to unlawful search and seizures. Even if you don't have a damn ounce of anything exercise the rights which men and women have died for.

  • John Stamos



      Is what I did by the end of the video… Anybody else as shocked as I was?

      • hMMMM

        what do you….have honest and good cops where you live? Wasn't surprised one bit by this swinelike behavior.

  • sheoncebelieved

    If that were a Fullerton cop he'd pull that guy out and beat him to death with a taser gun

    • DirtyArmySpecialist

      i knew you were from OC…

    • flad

      so he wouldn't shoot the gun?

      • sheoncebelieved

        Yes, they did tase him like 6 times, then they beat the shit out of him with the butt of the taser gun. psychopaths…as displayed below….

    • conncalli

      or maybe tase him? fuckin duh

      • sheoncebelieved

        Please read my response to Flad

    • Fullerton Cop

      I can't wait to pull you over…stop talking to much shit you cunt.

      • sheoncebelieved

        are you one of the murderers, coward?

        • DirtyArmySpecialist

          are you going to the OC Brew HAHA?

      • doug1550

        too…..not "to". C Student=cop

  • sowhat

    no its not

  • Dave

    All I can say is wow…..

  • sowhat

    moon talk why u got involved?

  • Fake

    Fake. No date/time stamp or squad number in the dash cam.

    • Cum Dumpster

      Fuck da po-lice – no justice – no peace!

    • mooseknuckle907

      Interesting….I'm inclined to believe

    • fibonacci5150

      I wouldn't trust them anyways, they might plant something in the car if they were cops

    • Patrick Reeder

      A real cop would have called a K9 unit.. no need for a warrant.

      • JJ1

        Not if you're so low budget that you don't have a time/date stamp on your camera. Or they don't have the money for a K9 task force. Just a thought. Something isn't right with this video.

        • B25

          Newsflash: you have the right to not consent to a k9 search. If they bring in the dogs and search without your consent, they'll still have to prove they had probable cause to bring in the dog (no different than if the cop had hauled you out of your car and searched it himself).

          • FLnavyboy

            you are either like me and were harassed a lot with this stuff or just really know your laws b/c you are totally correct, police cant do shit w/o probable cause, and being out of town a prior possession charge and then going to give you a speeding ticket isnt good enough

            • hMMMM

              probable cause may be one of the easiest things to fudge. "Oh, I smelled it".

          • welll

            Some states have probable cause clauses bases on reaction to K9 outside of the vehicle. IF the K9 hits on something OUTSIDE of the vehicle, that's their probable clause. It's weird in Missouri.

            • Patrick Reeder

              this is exactly what i was thinkin.. i have refused a search and they made me wait while the dog came.. of course i refused because i didnt have anything but they still made me wait and i assume if the dog woulda givin them a reason they woulda ripped me outta the car and that would been all she wrote..

              • Patrick Reeder

                PS this happened in Oklahoma..

        • nope

          if you're that low they would have given him a speeding ticket

  • moontalk

    high five

  • Lt. Nick Bradshaw

    Aww someone wasn't hugged enough as a child!

  • Christopher DeMunbrun

    I agree with Joseph, it is a fake. Usually dash cams have time/date stamps and car/officer numbers. Is the cop even wearing a gun; it looks like a belt full of cell phones lol ?

    • thom

      Agreed. Listen to it again, when he is told he couldn't search the car without a warrant. It is some bad acting.
      What shitheads for making anti-police propaganda.

    • Aaron Ashbaugh

      could be cropped

  • TitoRigatoni

    SQUEEEEE squee squee squeee SQUEEEEEEE

  • Neil Young

    April 26, 1992
    there was a riot on the streets tell me where were you.

    • TitoRigatoni

      I was participatin' in some anarchy.

    • 0192837465

      i was home sittin at home watchin my tv

      • Master_Rahl

        … it only took 1 brick to make that window drop

        • Tim

          Mono….. Doh!

          • love it

            Where do you think I got this guitar that your hearing today….. HEY

        • myass

          finally we got our own p.a.

    • 123

      Steve, is that you?

    • ant

      I'll have you know (In case you're interested) that on April 26, 1992 I was sitting in my new abode rolling around like a dumb ass simply because I was only 7 days old.

    • Raani

      Stuck in the womb

      • TitoRigatoni

        Damn, you people makin' me feel old…

    • bredunk

      In my daddys testicles

    • MIKE


      • Joshua Jackson

        Roll Tide Roll

      • Jenny G


    • FLnavyboy

      i was a little over 5 years old, sooo probably doing nothing important with my life

    • Duvel

      Ah good sir, I do believe it was the time I shat in my pantaloons and went back to sleep

    • Mike

      I was four. I can't recall what I was doing then. Might have had the chicken pox, I'm not sure.

    • KRS 1

      I finally got all that alcohol I can't afford.

  • A BiPolar Guy

    Well everyone has a bad day now and then. LOL

    Cheers to the guy in the car for standing up for his rights

  • Stephen Craig

    There's no time stamp. Police departments are required to time stamp all videos in case they need to be used in court. This is pretty well done, but fake.

  • Killer Whale

    Better than bother Bucky larson post…

    • Coldzilla

      Ah FREAKIN men!

      Most annoying ads/commercials around today!

    • Frank Prill

      haha!! True that!

  • davey

    Calling Bullshit!

    Some one out there hates cops enuf to make a video. After all that the cop drives off, swearing. A real cop would have made the driver wait therewhile the warrant was getting made or write him several thousand tickets in the meantime.

    Oh and not date stamp and number on the vid cam.


  • sequincer

    he's done nothing wrong

  • Matt

    fake. i filmed this with my buddies three years ago for a school project.

    • FLnavyboy

      bs i want proof of that

  • lola

    every body loves a syco

  • SenorWilson

    Seems fake. You don't even need warrants to search cars, as long as you have "probable cause" and he could argue a previous arrest was cause. Not a bad job making it though, certainly fooled people.

    • addon

      the previous arrest would have had to have been drug related, a felony, and/or violent crime…can't search someone's car without probable cause if they committed felony fraud

    • sicsemper

      Incorrect on almost everything. The police do need a warrant to search a vehicle. The suspects arrest history has nothing to do with it whatsoever. There was no probable cause at all here… I agree that it probably is fake though.

      • Mike

        not quite. The officer is permitted to search the vehicle if given consent by the owner. Otherwise he is limited to "plain sight" which in practice means he can't open or move anything. If you have a bag of weed lying on the back seat, the fact that there's no warrant for a search will not save you.

        Additionally, the Motor Vehicle Exception permits warrantless search IF probable cause exists (ie: the officer smells marijuana or followed the car from a suspected narcotics deal or something). The two main reasons are because A) the Supreme Court ruled that there is a lower expectation of privacy in a motor vehicle than inside a residence and B) The mobile nature of a motor vehicle lends itself to the exigency of a situation.

        Also know that a seized motor vehicle is automatically searchable due to the "inventory" exception.

        You're right about the other stuff though. A previous drug arrest is NOT probable cause that a crime is being committed or is about to be committed. On top of that…yea, there's no way this was legit. It's an entertaining fake.

    • cockmobster

      how can a previous arrest be cause? Unless he is on probation, treating a previous arrest as PC would be double jeopardy. It would be like saying if somebody had been arrested for a DWI, the cop always has PC for a field sobriety test, regardless of whether the person had been drinking or not…

      • Seano

        That isn't double jeopardy. Double jeopardy means you can't be retried on the same charges in the same court system (civil or criminal) if you have been already found guilty/innocent. That's one reason why people were so pissed with the O.J. Simpson trial. He was acquitted of the double homicide in a criminal trial, but was later found guilty in a civil court with more evidence.

    • David Ogden

      You need to study up on the fourth amendment because a prior case won't cut it.

      • SenorWilson

        Yeah. I live in california and they have different laws(at least to my knowledge) you can search some ones car without a warrant, but only in the areas where the driver can reach.

        • SheepDog

          The Constitution supersedes any law from The Peoples' Republic of Kalifornia. Your rights are not granted by a piece of paper or some old politicians; rights are granted by God, secured by men who will bleed for their beliefs, and reinforced every time you practice them.

  • Josh

    Can't hear shit.

  • kevin

    It’s shit like this cops… <—-these cops or this cop.

    • youdummy

      It's comments like this, kevin…

    • sniggi

      "It's shit like this, cops." is what it should have said.
      "Let's eat, Grandpa!"
      "Let's eat Grandpa!"

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