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  • anonymous

    # 14 – Phoebe Price! The second worst thing besides the show "Big Law – Deputy Butterbean" to come out of Jasper, AL!

  • Pete

    #8 So has anyone called yet?

  • Kristen Weeks

    #22 – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2: The Director's Cut

  • Anonymous

    Is no one concerned about #2?

  • mtpuckhead

    #19 is so fucking hot!

  • WirelessCable

    #14 he must see something we don't

    #17 Waterproof Fire (only sold at walmart)

    Inyo means Yours in Fillipino
    Butte means point or jetty or hill in French

    So in essence at the corner of your hillπŸ˜‰

  • Abrasive_Jay

    That one hasn't been cut into planks yet.

  • Charles Tso

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Swallows… not the ending to the franchise that I was expecting.

  • Smack76


  • Anonymous

    #29 makes me smile

  • Matt

    #2 – not sure if playfulness, or abuse…

  • Oscar Cornejo

    #17 And i ask, since when the cartoons of sponge bob are logical?

  • Sovem

    #2 Ruffies are for pussies

  • the stuff .com

    #12 and not a single unicycle!

  • the stuff .com

    oops, meant #26


  • beauty in the rough

    Ew! #14 I don't blame, she's even lumpy and splotchy from the front!

  • @philly_jeff215

    #1 lose some weight you fat fuck

  • Rick

    #1 Flanking!

  • hazel

    i need #15 for my couch then maybe i can have more sex!

  • dsdsa


  • jebu

    stared at #29 hoping it was a gif.

  • Jake

    #14 clearly gay
    I would have scooped that ginger up and ran home!

  • Nomad

    Hey kid I have some candy inside want some ?

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