I want to go to there (34 photos)

  • amony

    #18 , #10 where are these places? Future bucket list references 🙂

    • Giorgaki

      10 are the Blue Caves in Zakynthos (Zante) Greece 🙂

  • NaNaNaMatmaN

    #18 Beautiful spot

  • wells11490

    #20 Got a little captain in you?

    • vhr1904

      No, but I do have a little bit of Sailor Jerry.

  • http://www.facebook.com/matthew.joy Matthew Joy

    Need captions! #7 I believe is in the Balkans

    • Mace

      Nope, thats Kroatia ^^ Plitvička jezera

      • http://www.facebook.com/matthew.joy Matthew Joy

        and croatia is not in the Balkans?

        • Rocks Off

          Hey, do you know where this place called Bryce is? I heard it's in the United States.

          • ???


    • Miki

      National park Plitvicka jezera, Croatia.

    • Stojko

      it's "Plitvička jezera" or Plitvica lakes in Croatia…grate place

  • PubicJones

    Blacks ruin everything.

    • MAX_POW

      Black what…. black ASS, black soul, black brain or black HOLE?

      • PubicJones

        Interpret it any way you choose. Just don't be racist.

        • John Mc

          Your an idiot.

          • The_Dood


    • Chris

      Dude, WTF?

      Seriously GTFO!!!

  • Lisa

    #5 capilano suspension bridge, Vancouver, BC

    • JP Souza

      I want to go there too *home* 😦

      • giggitygiggitygoo

        I was there on the weekend. still rocks

    • Vic

      home sweet home!, chive on from vancouver!

      • thomf

        Way over-rated and it costs like $20 something per person just to walk across the bridge. Neat and cool, and all, but not worth the money.

  • misschris

    So beautiful. I want to go there too. All of em.

  • Mr. Meatbox

    #5 and #6 gave me the "oh shit, im waaay to high" feeling in my stomach

    • TitoRigatoni

      that last bong hit gave me that same feeling…

    • shgall

      #6 is prekestolen or the preachers chair. About 2 hours away from me.

      • thirstybackpacker

        Norway for the uninitiated. Beautiful place.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000190167811 Silvia Neacsu

          The most beautiful place on planet may I say… 😀

  • jrey81

    #5, the bridge in BC is amazing and the Ewok-style "tree-house" village in the woods is equally fun!

  • Japan 4

    anyone know where #11 is? looks awesome!

    • Indiana Jones

      It's in India

    • John

      benteng chittorgarh fort in india

    • jkmcdermott

      its a fortress in Northern India, Gujurat?

  • OGMrWhite


    All of ireland was in attendance.. including John Jameson

  • EasternCanuck

    #5 been there… very cool

  • RJG


    All these places are awesome, but I really want my own infinity pool.

  • penguin slayer

    chive you need to start telling us where the places are! so need to go to some of them

    • alter-ego

      #32 is Brugge / Bruges in Belgium

      • The_Dood

        That would be awesome to leave your house by stepping onto your boat.

  • GaryCork

    #33 is near the French Riviera, it's the river called "le Verdon" going into a lake "Le Lac de Ste Croix".
    It's awesome to do ! Used to live near this place before Ireland 😦

  • gutterville

    really want to go to #15
    Btw where is that?


    some more incredible photos
    thank you

    • http://www.facebook.com/CatCape Katerina Zoi Kepenekou

      really awsome dude. (not) . now stop posting spam on chive.

  • Landlubber77



  • liers

    #19 thats not real

    • Abel Tasman

      It looks like it would be in Tasmania

    • Birdhaus32

      Redwood trees aren't real?! Why has everyone lied to me my entire life about this place??!!

    • Pumba11

      Actually is in Michigan. MT119 "Tunnel of Trees"

      • CNG

        So Michigan is the only place in America where cars drive on the left hand side of the road?

    • CNG

      It looks like "the black spur" in Victoria also.

    • Mathias

      its Marysville, Victoria AU

  • the

    wots not cool, im cool or really bad.

  • beng

    #32 Fucking Bruges

    • Dreamy

      This is like the ugly duckling compared to the other places but at least we've got chocolate

      • thirstybackpacker

        And a large selection of beer.

        Beer and Chocolate….the only other thing you need is Hump Day.

  • tig

    #27 is Enchanted Forest went there every year when I was a kid

    • Jethro

      The cable / zip line course "next door" are as much fun for adults as this was as a child (ok still fun). Went thought this place after two night shift and no sleep. More than a bit trippy. The hand made concrete figurines… Shit now i wont sleep tonight! on Hwy #1 in BC Canada, just west of Revelstoke.

    • http://www.facebook.com/canadianfooter Brayden Foote

      Just took my daughter there last month

  • Geoff

    Can we get some captions

  • The_Dood

    #13 I want to trip there. Duuuude if feels so orange in here…

    • Wally

      That's the lost city of Petra if I'm not mistaken . . . Jordan.

      • beingdave

        Correct, it is "the Treasury" – and it looks just like it does in person (from the outside) as in Indiana Jones. And they light it up every night like that and have a little concert. Go.

    • Daf

      Follow me, I know the way!

  • Nick

    Amony i think #10 is in Milos,Greece!
    And #21 is Santorini,Greece again!

    • Giorgaki

      Nope, sorry, it's in Zakynthos… a place called "the blue caves"…
      but nice try Nikos…

      The second one is Santorini, indeed, it's the city of Oia (pronounced ee-aah)

      • Slick_Nick

        You're absolutely right!!!!I thought it was kleftiko!!!!But you can understand how i could get confused!

        • katerina zoi

          etsi elladara

          • Slick_Nick

            eeeeetsi, kamia ellinida chivette omos dn blepw :p

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