The Dream Job: Intern at theCHIVE

chive intern2 The Dream Job: Intern at theCHIVE

After two weeks of searching, we still haven’t found a new Chive intern. Big hint here: We really do need you to know Photoshop and own an automobile. And so Round 2 of interviews begins now!

This is some lucky bastard’s chance to become a Chiver. You must live in the Los Angeles area, sorry Milwaukee. It does pay a little, but the shit you will learn is priceless. Here is your job description and some instructions. Pay attention. This is your first test:

1. Submit all applications to thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com with subject line, “Intern”. Resumes are welcome but be creative.
2. You may get the chance to post on theCHIVE. Please attach 5 photos you think are funny or compelling that we have NEVER seen before.
3. Must be willing to work odd hours and weekends
4. You will be doing grunt work; filling t-shirt orders, getting lunch, getting verbally abused, running errands. For this reason, you must have a car.
5. Must know photoshop – that’s a big one. Video editing skills would be nice, but not required.
6. Willing to work at least 7 hours a day, 5 days per week.

This is a tremendous opportunity for someone in or fresh out of college and it does pay a little. Working for Resignation Media will arm you with the skills you’ll need to take over the internet someday.

Good luck and Chive on,

Leo n’ John

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