A couple on the rocks (5 Photos)

  • Simon Ambrose

    Who's on….

    • the professor

      i see what you did there ..

      • Simon Ambrose

        For once no-one took the bait 😦

  • Matt

    NOICE!!! crazy lezzies

  • http://www.dennispikephoto.com Dennis

    Best thing ever

  • Selmy

    This was funny on Reddit.

    • indifference

      Funny post… has run out of funny?

      • Selmy

        In much the same way a joke is funny after hearing it for the 15th time.

        • M.Loaf

          You need to turn off your computer and go outside once in a while.

    • pufffdragon

      The Chive is Springfield and Reddit is Shelbyville.
      Deal with it!!

    • Bubba

      Who gives a fuck … I don't read reddit.

      • dden

        Amen. That site is an eyesore. I have to take migraine medication after going to it.

        • Reddit Mod

          It's because you are not smart enough to use it. I'm a mod on reddit and I have to say chive supposedly the best website in the word is actually full of shit. They steal stuff from reddit, shop pictures of women, most of them that posted on reddit and write stupid shit like chive on or dar me or chivette… bunch of losers!!! AND before anyone goes GFTO or go back to reddit or why are you on the chive anyways, its because I'm here gathering evidence.

          • Jules

            Wow, someone needs a hobby other than building a case between two photo blogs…….Oooooo! Maybe law school would suit you!!!

            Oh, and GTFO bitch.

            • Reddit Mod

              Typical "chiver" response. Thank you for demonstrating your level of intelligence. And the owners of the site for whom you are standing up for really don't give a shit about you.

              • SenorBeard

                And how do you know that those people didn't submit to both sites? You hax0rzed their email account?

              • Beaver lover

                Internet tough guy mod…. ooooooo

                Let me guess, you got you ass kicked so much in high school your dream was to become a mod and "get even" with all us bullies?

              • its_forge

                A mod from Redditt wouldn't give a fuck. And certainly wouldn't engage in a trollfest with Chive users. This is supremely asinine.

              • Chan

                OH NO! They don't care about me?! My world is shattered…I was gunna ask them for a kidney! Stop crying about re-posts unless they are copyrighted. The fact of the matter is, when I wanna look at random BS I want it to be set up in a simple way, not a mass of BS! Reddit is not visually appealing to me. OH and let's re-visit the "caring" issue. I seem to remember a few causes that TheChive has taken up to help people. They just helped a little girl get a new bedroom. I don't frequent Reddit so I have no idea if they have done something like this. If they have, right on, if not, shut up about how much they don't care. Also, I think you're just trolling to get people to argue with you…in that case, good job, sir.

          • Logan

            you are definetly kind of a tool dude. damn you seem pretty pathetic bouncing between photo blogs to…what was it you called it…oh yeah "gathering evidence" what kind of decent individual uses that in a comment post? i don't care if you are in love with reddit, fact of the matter is you all are jealous of the Chive, BECAUSE of all the Chivettes and Chivers. We, in fact, ARE what makes the Chive so great. We are fun loving individuals and you seem to be just a cynical prick who can't seem to move out of his moms basement. Hope you have fun listening to her bang random Chivers all night long! BIIIIAAAAATTTCCCCHHHHH!!!! CHIVE ON!!!!!

            • snoobs89

              wow… i have never felt ashamed to call myself a chiver until i read that comment..

              • Logan

                your posts are contradictory ass-hat! you claim to love reddit but now you are ashamed to be a chiver get your story straight, stop playing both sides of the fence jack wagon. damn you are stupid

                • snoobs89

                  why can i not do both? i have vivisted chive for years… i have only recently started browsing reddit. Go on my intense debate i have slated redditors many times for the "seen this on reddit 3 weeks ago" but one day i actually made an effort to see what reddit was all about, if you did too you would be surprised at how small and unoriginal the chive really is. that being said i will still check the chive once a day at least i enjoy the community.

              • TRON


          • Lt. Nick Bradshaw

            Yes because all of the pictures on Reddit are Reddit originals….right? I mean the Reddit staff only post pictures that they themselves take right, or maybe the oh so intelligent people that use Reddit, they take the pictures…right? Hmm wonder where Reddit gets the pictures from?

            Update: Reddit the rest of the internet wants their pictures back!

          • Dale

            'here gathering evidence' for what? the internet police?

            Lemme help you out here, kid. I'll put on my lawyer hat.

            First, reddit hosts no content at all. That's your first problem but it's not your biggest. The problem is that, if I'm going submit a photo to reddit, I upload it to a site called Imgur – a photo SHARING site, with the intent to share it with reddit, a community of millions of people. If I actually cared about this 'stealing' you speak of, I'd upload the photo to a site with more stringent DCMA guidelines like Flickr.

            So I'm going to share the photo with millions of people, I've uploaded the photo to a site with no DCMA security whatsoever, why on earth would I be shocked or upset that the photo ended up somewhere else? Ultimately, the Chivers just don't think entertainment is inclusive, redditors are creating content that gets stolen, they create content that gets shared. – that's the upload structure redditors have chosen to use. And I see plenty of photos that started on the Chive on reddit every day.

            You're not a mod on reddit, your english is just too poor. If you are, reddit is headed the wrong direction.

            • j22

              good show, ol' chap.

          • j22

            obvious troll

          • DapperDan Man

            Here's the funny part. We, at the chive, don't give a shit what you think. How are you going to use that evidence against the chive? That's what I thought. Good day, sir. I said GOOD DAY!

          • downfall616


          • its_forge

            You… do know you don't have to come here right?

    • snoobs89

      i used to go on the chive practically all day everyday… and then i found reddit.

      now i go on the chive and realise how everything they post & have ever posted has been ripped from reddit..

      And yet you come on here and tell it like it is and everyone slates you for it.

      the chive is reddit's cover band.

      Deal with it.

      • The_Dood

        It's the fact that on almost every single post that doesn't involve the Chivettes, some asshole is whining that this was on reddit two weeks ago. THAT'S FUCKING AWESOME! We all already know this. Just stfu if that's all you have to say, as it's already been said dozens of times, and guess what, we still don't give a fuck.

      • amy

        'everything they've ever posted' – hmmm

        what's funny is the last couple months how much reddit has come to realize that a lot of their photos actually come from the chive. the road goes both ways.

        – a redditor

      • james

        anybody ever seen the redditettes? they're disgusting.

        • Average Chiver

          i know. they can't compete with the our cum-guzzling skanks, the chivettes!

      • Paul s.

        What a bold statement, snoobs, made on the heels of a day when 3 of the top photos on reddit yesterday started on the chive. one even had the chive watermark still on it.

        the chivers don't care when their photos end up on reddit, they're content knowing the photo is out there making people happy, that's the point, right, because it's just the internet? most redditors don't really give a shit about all this either. It's only the people who really don't grasp the free and open internet that give a damn.

        • Jules

          Well put…and true, I tip my hat to you sir.

        • snoobs89

          i may have been a little strong with "everything they post & have ever posted has been ripped from reddit.. " i agree that isn't true.

          But a vast majority of the chive content IS taken straight from reddit. The chive watermark photo's they have taken from other site's sometimes over the top of another watermark..

          I have always been a loyal "chiver" i genuinely did think it was "probably the best site in the world" but now i check reddit every morning instead. then i check the chive, and there it is 80% of the DAR is reddits top picks from the day before… it makes me mad at the chive.

          The vibe i get from non redditors is that the chive is "so must easier to navigate its all there for you" why dont the chive just do a daily post of "the best from reddit"

          one thing that the chive will always have tho is paula..

          • almo

            the DAR has stuff from reddit, it also has pleny of original stuff too. frankly, it has stuff from all over and it's served up on a single scroll. I don't have to trudge through 30 links on reddit to get what I want.

            The chive has created something cool with the day, it's called a user expecience

      • Logan

        correction, The Chive is Reddit in Blu Ray bitch!

        • LeMac

          you need to stop

          • Logan

            stop what, fucking your mother? but it's fun and she let's me blow it on her face…soooo…nope. I am gonna keep on keeping on! bitch

            • Raunchy The 1st

              ladies and gentlemen, your typical chiver….

    • ahawkeyeguy

      I have two shits to give… but you're certainly not getting them. Dumbass

    • Selmy

      Seems I touched a nerve.

    • First Time Caller

      I thought the Chive stole everything from Imgur – everything I see on that site ends up on the Chive in a day or two but seriously who gives a fuck. I once saw Back to The Future on TBS and then I saw it again on Encore and didn't get all pissy about it. I just enjoyed to awesomeness at both places.

      • snoobs89

        whatever i have said before i retract. you just summed up the pointlessness of this whole argument perfectly.

    • KalEl24

      I've never herd of this redit… is it some sort of interweb sight?

    • giggitygiggitygoo

      Well there's 10 minutes of my live I'll never get back…..Thanks ASSHAT

    • Raunchy The 1st


  • https://www.facebook.com/justinsargood1 Justin Sargood


  • chiveninrhodeisland

    There is nothing wrong with Faith loving Faith, oooooooooooo i'll buy that for a dollar

  • Phil


  • Travis

    Too funny

  • Dave


  • BlackMatterBeaver

    Thank you.

  • Karl


  • Relic
  • wkdfrog

    For free?!

  • davey

    Shoulda said it was Bucky Larson!

  • davey

    and his sister!

  • Mike

    So what. Love the sinner Hate the sin. It's that simple

    • McBeastie

      or accept that there is no sin.

      • http://www.facebook.com/michaeljtrent Michael Trent

        This is not the sin you're looking for

        *Waves hand in Jedi like manner*

      • MonkeyMadness

        There is no sin? Then there are no laws. Try using that logic on the cops. lol

        • hjn

          "There is no sin? Then there are no laws" – Really?

          • MonkeyMadness

            Yes, really.
            Did you know it's a sin to steal? There's also a law against it.
            Did you know it's a sin to kill? There's a law against that too.
            Did you know it's a sin to lie? Another law that you can go to jail for, it's called perjury.
            So, for someone to say there is no sin, you would have to say there are no laws.

            • Jules

              I beleive the 'sin' they are speaking of is a woman/man making love to another woman/man. May not be in the ten commandments but ask any 'Christian' and your answer is likely to be opposed to gay and lesbian relationships…..Because 'god' did not intend for persons of the same sex to fornicate.

              • MonkeyMadness

                I see what you're saying.

              • Claude M.

                Only some Christians believe that homosexuality is sin – those who need to inflate their ego by tearing down the lives of others, but in doing so, they give into the sin of pride.

              • Hand of Zod

                A "sin"? Maybe not. Just unnatural

                • M.Loaf

                  Don't start with the unnatural bit–it has already been shot to pieces.

                  But let me shoot it some more…

                  Team Unnatural:
                  – Cars, guns, refrigerators, McDonald's food, wigs, blood transfusions, TVs, countries, clothing, Bieber, and Dallas Cowboys playing in the NFC East

                  Team Natural:
                  – Pleasuring another human being

                  • Hatemonger


                  • Dimples

                    Yeah but cars aren't having sex with each other!

                    • Extra

                      maybe yours arent!

      • Mike

        That's not what God says.

        • M.Loaf

          God never said anything. We keep putting words in her mouth.

          • Mike

            What planet are from??

            • Hatemonger

              Earth where we make complete sentences

        • Ambush Steve

          What God? As I've seen quoted here often "No picture, It didn't happen" Prove there is one.

  • Bless1


  • 9gagger

    taken from 9gag

    • Jules


    • j22

      Thank you for the awesome site!

  • Lokobo

    God does have a sense of humor.

    • Mike

      Not when it comes to bad shit.

    • gUY

      Yeah because ordering the slaughter of entire tribes is hilarious.

  • Screwhead317

    sticking it to the bible beaters

    • MonkeyMadness

      How is that sticking it to the "bible beaters"? Lesbians have just as much right to go to heaven as anyone else.

      • ucallmedr_jones

        you show me a bible beater that's for same sex marriage and I'll show you a bible beater who's entire faith is a farce. You're either for the bible…or against. I'm gonna side with the latter.

        • Nick

          Not true…I'm a seminary student and also happen to be pro-LGBT. Trouble is, most "Christians" don't seem to understand that the bible (in its original, untampered-with form) has practically nothing to say on the issue. While I'm not sure what you mean by "bible beater," I do believe the bible has worth and value in our culture…trouble is, people use it for hate (which happens to be the opposite message of the book they're using to defend their position).

          • ucallmedr_jones

            The outlines on homosexuals are very clear. The church does not tolerate it. It's black and white. If you were to consider yourself a part of the church, you are to adopt the teachings of it. That's like me joining the church, but not really believing in the whole "god" thing. You can't pick the bible apart and believe what you want. If you are to be a part of the church you are to obey it's doctrines. If the bible is the "word of "god"", shouldn't you follow it's every word? I don't understand how you are a seminary student and pro-LGBT, the two are mutually exclusive. Can you disagree with "god"? I'd love to pick this apart more but have a life to live. Leviticus 20:13, Deuteronomy 23:17-18, Romans 1:26-27, etc. etc.
            The church is built on blood and greed

            • its_forge

              Nothing from the Old Testament can be used because Jesus said he's the new law. That verse of Romans isn't about Jesus so I don't know what it has to do with it. Jesus himself was utterly silent on sexuality.

            • Nick

              You're showing your ignorance. Being a seminary student, I've learned to translate the texts from their original languages. If you want to take the words that some bible committee has decided on at face value, then don't blame me because you don't understand the difference between conservative and liberal points of view. The "Church" isn't "black and white"…it's very gray. You're only hearing one side of the story because extremists always get "heard" by the media, etc. Just because you've apparently been burned by an extremist point of view in the past doesn't mean that all people who label themselves "Christian" are the same as those ignorant people who use Christ's words of love (the same Christ who NEVER said anything about being gay) for evil, hateful purposes.

              • ucallmedr_jones

                nick: Did I miss some part where gays are allowed to marry in the church? Jesus didn't mention, torture, child molestation, pornography etc., are we to assume if it's not mentioned in the new testament, it's not a sin? Foolish, I know. Actually, Matthew 19-4, Jesus refers us back to the old testament himself.
                Wouldn't the physical act of expressing love between two men be sodomy? I think the bible is very clear on that.
                Jesus and his apostles, and other authors of the new testament, were themselves heirs of the old testament. They held it true.
                To be a part of the church is to adopt it's doctrines wholly. not only some.
                If you want to say you're a part of the church, then you are saying you are against gay marriage within the church.

          • Norin Rad

            That's because the bible was written by four fags in a castle 10 miles north of Nazareth

            • its_forge

              This also, you have to read like a motherfucker to figure out what parts are God and what parts are some dick sitting on a throne or the pig fucks in the Nicene Council.

    • Screwhead317

      you people are stupid. you know if they knew it was lesbians they would have pulled the book off of shevles. so he didnt tell them they were lesbians…soooo he was sticking it to the bible beaters DUR DUR

  • doctor

    gods a lezbo.. supposedly

    • A BiPolar Guy

      What does that even mean? God is not a human being nor sexually attracted to them. God can no more be lesbian (or straight) than two muppets can be gay. The question just doesn't apply.

      • NAACP

        LOL @ god existing.

        • MonkeyMadness

          LOL @ you existing.

          • NAACP

            LOL @ you LOL'ing at me existing. LOL.

          • Ambush Steve

            You're an idiot.

      • ucallmedr_jones

        bert and ernie……

  • OGMrWhite

    but if they all start ya know lezzing out, just roll with it Butters

  • Josh S.


  • Brother Maynard

    That is great. 11th Commandment Thou shalt own.

  • devil

    tonights deletion is looking good so far , unbelieve able just want an answer and a rug munch maybe

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