A few desktop wallpapers that can see right through me (15 HQ Photos)

  • LaLakers2408

    i hate being first -_-

    • hMMMM

      Lakers fans suck.

      • LAKER FAN

        haters gona hate..

    • SuperiorTo8

      We hate you for being first as well… But even more so for bragging about it.
      Have a nice day, fuckhole

    • dden

      Then come up with something worthwhile to say and be awesome.

  • gaz

    #10 wow just wow

    • Pokepoke

      Little Caprice


      • gaz

        After MUCH research I am in agreement it is Little Caprice

    • Bill57

      I could wait for that train

    • http://alessandropreti.altervista.org alessandro

      Little Caprice…

    • ChrisDakon

      Little Caprice is sooo awesome…wow!

    • Gabe

      How ever high the thumbs up goes on this one just remember to add one. My hand was uncontrollably shaking as i was aiming to click "up" when suddenly the worst thing happened…… thumbs down. Forgive me Legs…….. forgive me

    • davoinc

      that pic more friends….

    • Shaun

      Hell yeah!!! Little Caprice!

  • Mr. Eff

    #1 would be fantastic if the creator knew how to spell.

    • LaLakers2408

      haha licoln

    • patov40

      Shouldn't this have been attributed to "George Washington"?

      • Paul_

        Thomas Jefferson

        • Mr. Brown

          Bill Clinton

    • Pants

      Should've been dear ol' Benny instead.

    • 6655321

      I agree. I thought it was spelled men, not bitches.

  • http://theberry.com/ walkingtheriver

    #5 No way I'm gonna put that as my wallpaper… Already scares the shit out of me 😥

    • Bill57

      not a job I would want

    • nerfherder

      Even if they've found "Man's guide to understanding Women" written by God himself in that hole they're looking in……..its not worth it.

    • Tom

      Found it, there's the problem right there…huh.

    • Johnny Two Toes

      I would do that job for free.

  • Bill57

    Little editing takes care of that

  • VJ-

    Definitely using the Fight Club wallpaper.

    #10 – Only douchebags and 14-year-olds have girls as their wallpaper. Leave the ladies for other posts

    • LaLakers2408

      ur gay

      • Bill57

        or no appreciation for beauty

    • Johnny-K

      allways have a nude woman as wallapper, change to stars and planets when people or parents stop by… No Hassle nude chicks rule, – commenter is obiusly gay..

      • sameoldsameold

        vj=vagina=girl who cant post pics due to butterfaceness..

        • CuriousGeorge

          WOW! A lot of people here don't have girlfriends!

    • Lotus

      Chivers get all pissy when there are no girls in the post, can't be havin pissy chivers

  • dashete

    #14 You are not your inane humorless comments.

    • greasdupdeafguy

      you are not your meaningless, stupid reply to a comment

    • theyellowfever

      I am Jack's complete apathy.

    • Dantheloser

      You're the all-singing, all-dancing chivers of the world.

      • Guesty

        You are a faggot

        • Jen

          pretty sure you're the fag

        • Jen

          but either way, i'm the slut.

          • Dantheloser

            I have no problem with that!

    • Birdhaus32

      And shouldn't it have been "You are not your fucking wallpaper"? As in "you are not your fucking khakis"

  • MonkeyMadness

    #4 A unicorn riding Freddy Mercury still not as gay as Twilight!

    • https://www.facebook.com/jason.ciotti Jason Ciotti

      But that isn't just any unicorn. That's Robot Unicorn.

      • Keith

        Also, that's not Freddie Mercry, it's Haggar.

        • Keith

          Double also, I can't spell Mercury.

          • nct411

            Pretty sure its Burt Reynolds.

    • snoobs89

      looks like tom selleck to me.

    • sameoldsameold

      has no idea how gay teilight is since i refuse to watch it, being as gay as i have heard i took heed and prevented myself from watching it and becoming gay like the rest of you that have..

    • j22

      Isn't that Haggar?

      • j22

        as is #15

    • Tribol


  • Frank

    #6 that's not Will Smith, that's Laurence Fishburne

    • fed


    • Abasolo

      That's the idea.
      The sentence is from Samuel L. Jackson, the "author" is Will Smith and Laurence Fishburne appears in the image.

      • fed

        and you must read it with denzel washington's voice (not morgan freeman's because he's god and he can't be made fun of)

      • sameoldsameold

        ok..soooooo…….why?…………makes absolutely no sense..
        maybe ill make random stupid idiotic pictures and post them so idiots like you can justify your prescence to humanity by pretending to think your a philosopher of stupid random pictures thatmake no sense..

        • snakes

          lol its a stereotype-based joke you fucking retard. which one of the three shoved their dick in your ass this morning?

          • 123RoastHim

            I am sick of these mother fucking dicks in his mother fucking ass!

            • Raymond

              I am sick of these monkey fighting dicks in his monday to Friday ass!

    • http://twitter.com/dalton_matt @dalton_matt

      oh man

    • olfisheye

      you sir, are a quick one!

    • Dominique

      Thank goodness someone caught on. I kept looking at that for days thinking, "Moron."

    • tyler

      they all look the same to me….. 🙂

    • bloomfever2002

      and that was said by Samuel jackson

    • Scott

      that and the quote is from snakes on the plane, and it was Sam l Jackson who said it, who ever did the pic and the quote epic failure.

    • Socket

      also, Laurence isn't the man who said that either. it would be Samuel L. Jackson from snakes on a plane quote.

      • absoluteretard

        I saw another one of these with dumbledore and gandlaf fuckin stupidest thing ever

    • John

      I think you missed the joke. It was also Samuel L Jackson who played in "Snakes on a Plane". Fail Much?

    • rojo

      and not only that it was Samuel Jackson who said that.

  • DanielB

    #2 Alright! Time to get off my ass stop chiving and be productive…. maybe after the dar…

  • MattyF

    #7 is the Civilization Museum in Gatineau, QC across the Ottawa River…. 613/819 Chivers Chive On!

  • Fawx

    #8 is that a missile in the distance?

    • fed

      i believe is the last launch of the shuttle 😥

      • hMMMM

        it's actually the launch of the LAST space shuttle ever

    • houtini

      I thought maybe a space launch? Curious too.

      • CuriousGeorge

        Me too!

    • http://twitter.com/dalton_matt @dalton_matt

      It is the space shuttle. So fn cool.

    • LoneOsprey

      It's the space shuttle

    • patov40

      I try not to use the word too much, but this is without a doubt, worthy of the word EPIC. Amazing pic. B)

    • Fawx

      Oh cool, the space shuttle 😀
      Thanks for that guys.

    • Paul

      How do you know it was the shuttle?

  • amrith777

    SLENDY? #3

    • Beano

      Daft Punk

  • Jakka

    #11 Sold! Do want!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=644649048 Diego Colafabio

    #10 i'll go more often at station.

  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles

    Thanks for the new Background #10 ;D

  • StayCalm

    #12 would be better without the icons

    #6 I love these

    • gUY

      No it wouldn't the icons are the whole point!

      • McBeastie

        No, StayCalm is right. I can use my own icons to recreate and they would actually work instead of my icons on top of unusable icons. Der.

  • theyloveit

    #11 now for real, thats all I ever care 'bout!..XD

    except of my wannabe greennes, but thats also for the bitches.
    Bitches love me when I act like I'm economic.

    Downthumbin' the truth –> still not as gay as Twilight

  • Maynard B.

    #10- Who is she and where can I see more?

  • lance

    #10 is Little Caprice. Awesome porn chick.

    • SuperCereal

      I've seen her put things in her vagina….many things.

  • NebraskaGuy

    #5 No thanks!
    #10 YES PLEASE!

  • MrAliasMan

    #1 So do Assassins.

  • Cardno85

    who’s #10

  • http://thechive.com/ cubanitagirl

    wish i could have #7 on lmy desktop at work lol

  • Gianthomo

    Who uses IE?

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