• chris was 2000 boobs haha……Achivement unlocked!!!

  • Steve

    this guy sucks at grabbing boobs; its like watching a 12 year grab boobs

  • Andrew Lahey

    #12 Every girl needs to react to a boob grab by throwing herself at you.

  • NebraskaGuy

    #9 Just cracks me up – the look on her face! lol

  • Kodos

    I'd buy him a large vodka (Starka)…

  • LC

    Didn't he technically touch 2,000 boobs? It looked like he was counting each pair as just one. Give yourself some more credit, man.

    PS. #12? Pretty sure that girl is…well…12. Does Russia not have pedophilia laws? Sorry, dumb question.

    • FuckingLaws

      They do, but they aren't as asinine about them as we are here in the states. In Soviet Russia, you can do this and still be a man (hell, Putin shook his hand!), here in the USA, you can get slapped with a fine and have to register and as a sex offender and have your life ruined for taking a piss in the back alley of a bar!

      • LC

        Haha true…but I wouldn't necessarily equate peeing in an alley with groping a little girl. The former should not get you on The List. The latter…yeah probably should.

  • Lowrent75

    Cause you gotta have goals….

  • Cam

    I've had this goal since I was 10. Where's MY post Chive!?

  • fred9000

    Paula should try a similar event where she kisses 1000 dicks. Oh wait, she does that every weekend. 🙂 Thumbs up if you like!

    • 123RoastHim

      no thanks

  • Trouble at home

    Great. My wife was number 208.

  • Boooger

    I wish I lived in a tourist city. Girls on holiday are a lot more fun!

  • Claire

    #4 was my favourite.
    She's adorable..and sexy.

  • Anon

    I'm moving to Russia

  • John Mc

    Any other football fans notice the CHELSEA top. CFC CAREFREE!

    • Red Devil

      Please. United supporters grab 4000 pairs in a day.

      Champions of England and boob-grabbing, and thats a fact.

      • John Mc

        Real Man Shited fans are too focused on hooliganism. Your no real supporter.

  • Mr.T

    Oh come on. You have to grab them with more enthusiasm then that.

  • Dan

    #392 is amazing

  • Michael McCloskey

    he is way too gentle

  • dsdonut

    He actually grabbed 2000 boobs.

  • guy

    Was #1 the exgirlfriend in No Strings Attached?

  • johngalt

    I guess Russia doesn't understand the concept of 15 will get you 20.

  • Lyndon Morgan

    This dude is either smooth as hell or those girls would let him touch more than that.

  • dsdonut

    Is this some kind of world record? If so, my life has new meaning: TO BREAK THAT RECORD.

  • pono

    i love all their expressions!

  • Coldzilla


    Сиськи на победу!

  • Mike

    LOL…..# 37 was totally DTF…..

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