• Tito

    Weak sauce.

  • st0ner

    The facial expression of the last one! #16 Mm this feels good

  • Dolfan0925


  • sdawson

    I just found my new hero!!!

  • anon

    King among men!

  • tooptoop

    #12 wtf is flying there?

  • PingPongPineapple

    He must have wanked himself silly when he got home that night

  • SeaBassEX

    "Hey, I'll bet you a ruble that I can make your boobs move without touching them."
    *touches boobs*
    "Damn, I lost. Here's your ruble."

  • @omarfmg

    i demand to know what words he said to convince them…like right now!

  • Jeremy

    Technically, you grabbed 2000 boobs dude. Good Job!

    • its_forge

      No, the counter goes up by two each touch. He touched the chests of 500 women, presumably none who'd had a mastectomy or who were Chernobyl mutants with five boobs.

  • @The_Scofield_

    That video has a solid 65% hotness ratio. Man, Russia is awesome.

  • Danno

    How is it that no one seems to have noticed that the counter moved two at a damn time?! So my question is how he ended up with odd numbers at times!

  • Shawn

    There are two boobs so if he grabbed boobs from 1000 girls, wouldn't that be 2000 boobs? Just sayin

  • Bob

    So he's counting each pair as 1?? Then he's actually touching 2,000 boobs. Frickin awesome.

  • Jeff

    Challange Accepted!!

  • Here's Johnny

    I think he grabbed the same boobs twice. I'll have to watch the video again. Sorry work day this is more important!

  • Kaiwatha

    I kinda wonder what he told them to make them agree…


    some more incredible photos
    thank you

  • Dylan


  • yoda

    good way to waste 19:23 minutes of life

  • Obvilious

    Two things. Obviously this is rigged. Question is, how did he approach these girls to let him do that? I'm guessing he told them he was Edward Cullen.

    Second. Russian is full of many hot, easy girls.

  • Hector

    The look #7 gave him at the end of it is the kind of look every man want safter toching a pair of fine boobs.

  • Nighteye2

    Challenge accepted. :p

  • murraychu

    You may be cool, but you'll never be five upturned collars cool

  • Ralpher

    watch the youTube video. At least 2/3 of those girls are in high school!

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