• Doctah

    King of win for a day

  • Anonymous

    That dude was wearing a Fred Perry twin tipped polo in every picture. No wonder all those girls let him.

  • yomanyo

    Don't know if he's just a complete douchebag, or I'm jealous


  • Chris

    popped collars still cool in Rus?

  • NeonAngel

    Such a 'Man' thing to do.. LMAO I liked #12 the most out of the whole video I think. Just think he counted it in sets of boobs… Double your numbers for a single boob.

  • Nathan

    #7 #12 #16
    They obviously liked it. especially 12 and 16

  • Giuliomaria Garbellotto

    it's obviously a fake… everybody knows in Soviet Russia boobs touch you…

  • Rosie

    I'd let him grab my boobs! He's hottt

  • bmwbro

    i love russian girls!

  • SreyaNotfilc

    #363 is so fuckin hot! I would say lucky bastard but this guy has balls. No luck at all. All you have to do is be straight up with them and tough. Trouble is, how many men are brave enough to do this? I think I shall accept this challenge. Next summer, next summer.

  • Getaway

    The best goal in a life.

  • casperhermens

    chelsea football club supporters at their best

  • CntStpTheCrooks

    That settles it i'm moving to Russia who's with me?

  • yup

    this not equal things that bounce

  • bob

    I inspire to be like him someday

  • Erving Otero

    most amazing thing ever lol. i love how #477 bites him haha. great job mate Definetly planning a trip to russia 😛

  • Flyingpig09

    Why do some chicks get mad? Did he tell them before hand, or just spring this on them?!

  • Moby

    Pretty sure this was some kind of breast cancer rally or something

  • <3 boobies

    9 minutes in… must… keep watching… BEWBS!!!

  • Bonnie

    Yeah I agree with you Alex, he is one lucky bastard. After that I guess he knows how to differentiate Bra sizes. lols

  • dan

    It seems like he warned some of them, and some of them he just surprised.

  • Jumping jack flash

    Meanwhile, in Russia…

  • Karen

    Some of those looked like he asked first, others didn't…if he just randomly grabbed my boobs I'd probably slap him too. just sayin'.

  • charli

    none of these chicks are hot, wtf
    there are way hotter chicks here

  • vicster

    1 in every 3 girls don't mind if u grab their boobs… It's a free for all fellas

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