• Biblugiolu

    #453 is hot!!

  • Insane2U

    Just great I couldnt stop watching and now I`am late for work thanks chive

  • Luis

    DEAR CHIVE. You just got into some really big problems, because you are gonna have to find about 1/3 of the girls showed in this video. I will make the list later.

  • Zachary Dawsey

    #123 was fucking hott! if someone tried that in america they would be arrested and sent to prison for a long time.

  • jimmy

    time to go to russia

  • Chesty Laroo

    With only 8 slaps and 1 bite, but 10 hugs, 3 kisses This man has stumbled on a scientific find… you are more likely to get a positive reaction from touching a Russian girl's boobs, than a negative (especially if you tell them it is for Putin). Time to visit Russia!

  • bart

    What an ass, still I would like be in his place!

  • Daniel

    He's fucking awsome! my new hero! xD

  • ensergio

    There was some pedobear action here

  • will

    well if he wasn't a filthy chelsea fan, then he would have gotten to a thousand grabs sooner.

  • Dapper_Dave

    My new Hero.
    All though, some of those girls he may have gotten arrested for in the US.

  • Ignacio

    Tits are tits, even if dont have that much! Gotta love them all!

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t he grab 2000?

  • Sergei

    #806 freakin awesome!!

  • Sergei

    Also, #4 bogus Shrek in the back

  • Mixed

    Try doin' that in the USA. Land your junk in prison before you break contact. Espcially with all those 14-yr old girls in that video.

    Great job though.

  • Guest

    This has to be the breast video I have ever seen.

  • anil507

    I don't understand how he convinced them to do so.

  • Lou

    Damn there is some potential on the streets of Russia

    • Lou

      Also some of those girls definitely look "DTF"

  • Michel Payette

    lol love the ending!

  • Rick


  • Armen

    I think #505 and #506 is the same person ;]

  • erik

    Whatever Russia's equivalent of knighthood is he should get it! Nationalism at its best!

  • Brian

    Could you imagine someone trying to pull this of in 'Merica?

  • kel

    this dude deserves a medal…

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