• Gus

    Captain Obvious here…
    If it weren't for the fact that the girls were being video'd, he would have got 100% more knee in the nutsack. Also this would be relevant for Psych 102 class. The range of reactions is amazing. A lot of thumbs ups, kisses and hugs as well as shock, slap surprise. Truly educational imho!

  • bryainiac

    This man is a total genius.

  • wilson

    Pretty sure that was 2000 boobs, some of those girls were hooooooot

  • eclipze

    Now I seriously hate my life. F*$K

  • Anonymous

    @ 2:26 is that a young girl?!!!

  • chefchrisg

    this is one of the stupidest/brilliant things ive ever seen

  • Ed1H3r0

    My idol…Prod to be russian ^^

  • Jason Bermudez

    Love it

  • C_lue

    Guh, I wish I looked like a douche bag and acted like a robot, then I could touch 1000 boobs..

  • navid
  • DJplasta

    this video is soooo full of find her.

  • warlock

    some of them are like 10yrs old and not developed….wtf dude!

    but never the less…for the others, my hat comes off to you sir.

  • Ben

    What a champ….. and 733, 783, 982 ftw

  • berkhan

    determination and concentration

  • Edaea_Sinid

    Come on man, grab them right! It looks like your checking for lumps instead! :p

    You lucky devil! Haha, they enjoyed it too

  • karloz

    #1 find her and FLBP her now!

  • VJ-

    #4 Did anyone think that the girl's hand was part of his for a second? It freaked me the fuck out.

    • Bordin Tienyam

      Not really, was mesmerized by her smiles and her eyes and Oh look at those 2 guys in the suit.

  • ptfo

    #2 Slapped by the hand of beautiful.

  • @ScottCO09

    Why does he have odd numbers? This would only require 500 women.

  • MidwestChiver


  • Shawn

    #4 likes it. Just look at her! Shes hot too!

  • greatfuuuuu

    Apparently there are at least 1000 Whores in Russia…

  • fangnz

    There's your new intern chive, right there!

  • Anonymous

    I want to see a video where he get kicked in the nuts, a thousand times.

  • tony

    shouldn't it go up by 2 each time? i guess he's going by sets…

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