• mainardo

    1. i have the wierdest boner
    2. is his dad the dos x dude

  • limphy

    why so many hugs!? I mean i get that some of the women were caught off guard, but is hugging a person who touches your boobs some kind of a weird natural reaction? If so, i'm gonna do that way more often!

  • Katie Ashley

    loving this!!

    Visit for more fantastic boobs! 🙂 x


    I wanna pretend I am blind and see if I can top 1000 Boobs !

  • christho

    94 & 95 were baaaaad

  • pauliwog

    I'm assuming all the (+1) are ones' he slept with….

  • IamWhoIam

    #88 is a guy…

  • george

    The intro said his goal was to touch 1,000 PAIRS of boobs, NOT 1,000 boobs

  • Wags

    think i just saw 900 reasons to go to russia

  • SinisterSino

    142-144 Did anyone else see spiderman?

  • Brian Ahrens

    The +1's that keep popping up must be for each additional count of sexual asault on a minor. I like his spunk though. Chive On!

  • Dyzlexic

    I wonder what was his set up line for this… genius!

  • Dude

    394 must be related to mila kunis

  • Pxlnight13

    Technically, it was 2,000…

  • Javs

    #982 is the Best chick!

  • ollie

    … as you do

  • Roman

    427 is my kind of girl and yes, russian women are something special indeed

  • _dallas

    you know…TECHNICALLY he touched 2000 boobs… they count each woman once but they each have 2 so you do the math.

  • Jean Jezabel

    940 982 996 are nice

  • L0rdZod

    492 is hot as hell… wow.

  • Tim

    This guy is my hero

  • Pravdist

    If i only get him…fkng slurts
    Poimal bi – chpoknul bi razok po repe, padla.

  • Daniel Segovia

    If I would have known that out of all one thousand girls I would have only gotten hit 16 times and bitten 1 then I would have taken this challenge on a long time ago.

  • Amrond

    2 hands, 1000 girls, and Putin… This guy touched 2001 boobs in this video!

  • Dr Awesome!

    I just got jealous…. 1000 times!

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