• Mechatree


    • varlotto

      Why thumb him down? He's still first commenter, and it makes you all look childish.

      • nonsense

        And now we shall make you share in his pain.

      • Short Bus All Stars

        I hope that was sarcasm on your part varlotto….if not, then I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul

    • adam

      i think i've officially reached the end of the internet

  • walther

    i thought these people only came out at night?

    • Bob


      • JDB

        Excellent Aliens reference Bob…

    • fen

      I think they are still dancing since the night before…

    • Mads

      They should only…

    • Ed Wood

      that's because the people in the video are Ravers, not Goths.

    • Mikey Heretique Vergara

      dude, their goths, cyber-goth, being more specific…not vampires

  • B-)

    this makes me feel better about my 10 hours a day at college

    • Bill57

      Good luck with that seriously cause there is not a whole lot out there for jobs

      • Scientific Chiver

        Actually there are plenty of jobs out there, given the right degree

        • CaptainInsano

          Agreed, if you're a hustler, you'll find a job

  • Drew

    I swear i saw Sub-Zero in there somewhere, The lin quei dance party is down that way 😛

    • CNG

      It was Reptile, but you were close.

    • StaticFX

      BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH was thinking the same thing…

    • Anon

      This is actually one of those "did you see the break dancing bear" attention videos

  • IMHO

    I didn't know that Klingons fancied green. Every day, I learn something new.

  • JP Souza

    No one understands the depth of my space sorrow. No one hears me scream!

  • Noidios

    Not goth

    • JP Souza

      No. Cybergoth.

      • Ryan Smith

        or dark ravers

        • thrillho

          or asshats

    • nonsense

      I really can't tell the difference…

    • Carlos

      stupid wannabe vampire kids

  • Kathy S Ecker

    I word…BIZARRE! Aliens are among us!!!

  • Sammie Soon Jones

    So I was all judgey when I started watching this saying, "what the fucckkk! WHAT LOSERS!!!" Then I saw the Hot chick on the left…She can do whatever the Hell she wants to do as long as at some point it involves her and my face….but only her…the rest are still losers. 😀

    • Wombatsavior

      That girl, is fucking hot. Concurred.

    • LiquidE

      I see two on the left that can be "hot". The green or purple hair one. I've been drinking so my judgement is waaaaaaaayyyy off right now. Hell maybe Chive might need to do some searching and see if we might have a new SC or two, or at least some DAR pics, we can see up close.

      • Sammie Soon Jones

        CHIVE! Find Her!

    • Scientific Chiver


    • sohigh

      where's the hot one?

    • @The_Scofield_

      Something about a girl in weird colored hair and furry boots. It's like fuckin a muppet.

    • Tim

      She's still a loser

    • josh c

      green hair and purple hair are both hott. Fucking find them CHIVE!!! and i want the squeak toy for play fun.

  • Sweden

    Rejects of soceity?

    • Serb

      Or society of rejects?

      • Andy

        they're forced to rave under bridges now…..where they belong

  • Ben Muirhead


    • Diego Colafabio

      will never die

  • Iowa

    They're people. They're dancing. Having fun. Leave them be?

    • Gnole

      But everyone else are people too….And if they dont have someone to belittle in society, they will have to come to the realization that they are fucking pathetic. People who dress differently than they do and go out and dance deserve to be discriminated against. CHIVE ON EVERYBODY!! its strange how this group of people will band together to help people who have suffered natural disasters in their home town. A group that will help small infants who are unable to live a normal life. And yet these same people will all band together to fucking bash a group of people that are doing nothing wrong….Not a single person in this video even said a fucking word. Yet most of you jump to conclusions about their lifestyle and personality based on stereotypes. (To the people that this message does not apple to, I give you a sincere Chive On.)

      • I am spurta

        I second that

        • Panama99

          The only thing that really annoyed me was horn….I simply wanted to rip it out of his hand and throw it away.

          • Iowa

            I'll agree with that.

      • WTFITS?!?

        I totally agree.

      • pat

        you're right,this message doesn't "APPLE" to everyone..including me…Here's a message that "apples" to you.go hug a apple tree

      • vhr1904

        How do you like them apples?

      • Malkintosh22

        You're making mountains out of molehills. We're really not "bashing" them. But yes, they are just different. Very different.

  • Dave

    These guys are ravers/hardcore techno and not goth if I'm not mistaken.

    • Serb

      Ever heard of cybergoth? Asphyxia is one of the "bands" for instance, look it up on youtube…
      I'm dissapointed in u guys, srsly 😦

    • Nick

      really dissapointed in the lack of tattoos/tunnels

    • okawesome

      I use to go to a lot of raves, none of them were that lame.

  • Tyler Wilson

    hipsters would of fucked these posers up

  • Duvel

    Scenegirls/Cosplayers/Hipsters girls… Sometimes can be cute. Those Goths or Ravers are always ugly

  • mao

    kill them, kil them alll!!

  • Boomer

    Hey! I wanna boink the green chick to the far left:)

    • BeerAndStupidity

      Same thing here…although her face looks kinda ugly…

      • Fasteddy14

        She looked good with the mask on…

    • MikeK

      I'll take the one in purple, behind the green one. Thanks!

  • the man

    why couldn't a bomb been accidentally dropped right there and then… why.

    • Henry Killinger

      Does it have to be an accident?

  • Yeap

    Funny thing. This isn't goth.

  • lik

    the guy in white is the "new guy"

  • yodaddy

    Us white people are so funny when we pretend to dance

  • davey

    That was so pathetic.
    Someone buy these poor people a jumbo pack of razor blades. Please.

  • sham

    the fat chick ate 5 bigmacs after losing these many carolies… tru story.

  • seneca

    I can't decide if wearing a gas mask to dance party is hilariously bad ass or just plain old hilarious.

    • knotmee

      you put mentholatum in the gas mask. it makes you roll harder on ecstasy.

      geez, newb.

  • Scar

    I don't care about ridiculous, but the chick with green dreadlocks is hot.

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