Remember LT’s 5.2 million dollar house? Compare it to Zuckerberg’s 7 million dollar house (16 Photos)

Just a reminder what LT’s 5.2 million dollar house looks like

  • Kris

    He probably bought this already furnished and decorated. This is not a guy's taste, pink bedroom not a computer in sight.

  • Zoltar

    The price is due to the value of the NEIGHBORHOOD not the house itself. There was an article about this long time ago.

  • Ian

    def not worth that much but as if mark cares… 7mil is pocket change to him haha hes prob got other houses across the country worth more!

  • Athena

    Yikes… I respect that he's a "normal" guy with the low-profile but at least hire a decorator under the age of 70

  • Eddie Olazaran

    The color scheme is awful. Looks comfy though.

  • Ispeakchive

    I've seen better for less

  • find her

    If I even had that much money, i get a simple 3 bedroom condo in Chicago. That's it.

  • ConfusedHick

    doe he have enough "friends" to fill the house?

  • john

    I like the house but not the price

  • Smitty

    Nerd House vs. NFL House .. .. .. .. .. NFL wins hands down!

  • NonBrit

    Palo Alto property prices are through the roof. He's paying a lot more for the land than he is for the house. Better yet, if he ever decides to sell, I think he has a greater chance of getting his money back than does LT.

  • LaLakers2408

    7 million probably because of the Neighborhood

  • hybridmx5

    he got zuckered!

  • revski87

    kid got jewed

  • ddsadsa

    he's a billionare, I doubt he gives a fuck.

  • Retired Chief

    Location Location Location

  • Russ

    $7,000,000 thats small change, check this bad boy out in london, worth $57,000,000???

  • Mike R.


  • Tito

    He chose… poorly.

  • Tim

    …THIS… is 7 million????

  • Nick LB

    He doesnt deserve the money he has. what an idiot

  • phideauxe

    Palo Alto sucks. This house would be 10 mil in Corona Del Mar.

  • Tom dnee

    I know palo alto and yes to all. It is the location, he will have a better chance at retaining value, and he did get screwed on the deal. Palo verde would have been a better choice

  • P-Dizz

    Yea, LT's house is a win, this house is a huge FAIL, no his end. If he really paid $7 million for it, he got ripped off!

  • tommy2X4

    I got a bridge in Brooklyn I'll sell him.

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