Remember LT’s 5.2 million dollar house? Compare it to Zuckerberg’s 7 million dollar house (16 Photos)

Just a reminder what LT’s 5.2 million dollar house looks like

  • karamouza

    Looks like Forest Gump's house to me…

  • aschick41

    I'd take that house over LT's any day. Check out that freaking porch!

  • Alex

    It's a decent house but if I had that kind of money I think I would spend it on a whole bunch of land so I wouldn't have to be near anyone else, and then build my own house on it. For the money, it's certainly not what I'd expect- if I walked into that house and tried to guess the cost, I probably think it was around 2 mil. But if that's what he wants…

  • Robertas Klemanskis


  • Daguerilla

    Seems black and white to me.

  • Aj D'Amico

    it IS a nice house, but could have done way better for the price it cost.

  • Krom

    I recently discovered on Facebook you can’t publish Zucherberg is a dousch on back to back wall posts. Where’s the goat slaughter room. LT is a pimp. MZ, pimpin Omish hos’

  • kyle

    LT's house was nice but it wasn't furnished from what i remember seeing. yes nice and all but probably on a shit piece of land in the middle of nowhere. this gem of a home is beautiful, furnished, and actually feels like home not a hotel/ water park. call me crazy but a house that feels like home is way more important then 10 acres full of shit i don't use.

  • Gordana-Doda Stetin

    comment with ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  • erica

    It's in way way way way overpriced Palo Alto, CA. The whole SF Bay Area is ridiculously overpriced.

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