All I want to know is…what happens if I fire a rocket launcher into the gaggle? (16 Photos)

  • tabi

    thats amazing!

  • Dead Embryonic Cells

    Answer: No-one would give a fuck
    Seriously, CHIVE wtf? what a pointless gallery. Birds? For 16 frames? What are we, twitchers? Most of these look like static, that is NOT entertainment

    • Dead Embryonic Cells

      Sorry, just remembered most of the people on CHIVE probably don't remember what static looks like on a TV.

  • Carbon

    thats alot of goose poop…the beaches are doomed.

  • Lokobo

    "Missouri never recovered from the monsoon of shit……we must never forget……"

  • Ken

    I stared at the first pic for 5 minutes before I realized it was not one of those magic images that goes all 3D. Thanks Chive.

  • Big Daddy

    That is what I call a target rich environment.

  • WaikikiWayne

    I'm thinkin that's a lot of goose-shit

  • RedKnight

    two words… bird shit.

  • @Eder_Paz

    Someone start feeding them alka-seltzer!!

  • goose

    that is a goose hunters dream……and they are not despicable creatures.

  • @Pro_George

    thts some armageddon shit right there

  • costa rico

    freaky, like one of the seven signs


    some more incredible photos
    thank you

  • Getterdone

    One shot 30 dead

  • salvia

    #1 first off I dont know if youve ever spent time around geese, But they are assholes! this was our chance to rid them all.
    #2 HAPPY thanksgivings
    #3 old man "were going to need a bigger loaf"

  • when you need a belt fed fully automatic shot gun -

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  • eDubya72

    I would not want to be a statue in missouri.

  • turtlesandbacon

    Can you say…. bird flu?

  • Northman

    Somewhere Fabio is cowering in fear.

  • John Andrew Jose

    Duck hunt got easier! lol

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