Apparently, batmaning is the answer to planking. What’s next, Russian rouletting? (37 photos)

  • Paula_

    Try to keep up Chive, owling was the answer to planking.

    – the one you love to hate

  • EasternCanuck

    Where can I sign up for this… I've always wanted to break my neck…. IDIOTS

  • goForth

    Next Chive posting:

    Post-Batmanning cervical compression & orbitral fracture pics from the ER!

    • NebraskaGuy

      We can only hope!

  • Furious_George

    flip over and put a rope around your neck, call it………………………..Hanging

  • Kiro

    I like this trend. It is very likely to lead to serious neck injuries and Darwinism prevails!

  • Dave

    #13 Dad of the year.. we are gonna see lots of broken necks with this batmanning shit.

  • yep

    Elsewhere in the news, wheel chair sales are skyrocketing…

  • nednarb

    people are just bat shit crazy

  • Brother Maynard

    Fix your mobile site!!!!!!!

  • asdfl

    well i'd say the world is pretty much fucked. No getting out of this recession.

  • TBOB

    I Guess no one is a fan! I'll agree, PFS. Even in stupidity there is a winner and my winner is #25.

  • Jack

    AND the national statistics for head and neck injuries are currently on a bit of a spike…

  • Dolfan0925

    SOOO much safer than planking. 🙂

  • Gooner29

    That is the shittiest attempt at batman'ing I have ever seen… #29

    • J_Dub

      ha, I see what you did there….

      • Guesty

        Can we all try just a little bit to stop using this retarded, overused phrase EVERY FUCKING TIME!

  • dagleja3

    #24 – No fair, holding the dress up!

  • Rose3191

    This falls under the category of things that if I tried doing them, I'd fall and kill myself.

  • Quasty

    How many ppl do you think went home and tried this after looking at these pictures??

  • German

    soooooo…………………..there is no hope humanity anymore

  • newscot

    Did we really need 37 pictures of this shit?

  • haha

    I want to see what a dismount looks like.

  • Kim


    • Kims gay lover

      Have you told your parents yet?

  • Bryon T. Pischke

    I can see this ending badly.

  • Rahm Emanuel

    #9 nice tush!

    • Drewcifer

      FIND HER 🙂

  • Colin_

    The only people who should be allowed to do this are hot girls with loose fitting shirts and no bras.

  • Bless1


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