Before and after: Unbelievable movie makeup effects jobs on ladies (23 Photos)

  • Bless1

    #5- METH- before and after

  • tooptoop

    i cant really see a difference…

  • james

    who is #2?

    • chrisdg74

      Josie Maran

  • Jeff Martincic

    #14 looks the same

  • ehh...


  • Short Bus All Stars

    #3 #6 and #9 ….basically no changes made … those bitches are just ugly

  • McBeastie

    #10. Not sure what movie, but it looks like a dummy and not a real person. Could be wrong.

    • shuzzam

      Yes someone please tell us what movie this is from. Won't be able to sleep after seeing this.

      • chrisdg74

        The Gravedancers.

  • EJK

    Didn't realize Pat Tallman was in Army of Darkness..

    Mmmmmm Pat Tallman. =)

  • jrey81

    There's a Snickers or PMDD commercial hidden in here somewhere…

  • KalEl24

    #21 is my favorite female Vamp from Buffy.

  • john

    alot of these are vamps from buffy the vampire slayer and angel. great shows

    • agonystes

      Or one of the worst shows on television.

  • D.j. Droneburg

    #6 looks like Colin Farrell haha

    • D.j. Droneburg

      before make up looks like him i mean

  • NaNaNaMatmaN

    Why no Salma Hayek? "From Dusk till Dawn"

  • jeff

    #15 Not sure which one is scarier….

  • and...

    What about Charlize Theron in Monster?

  • Hannah

    What #18 from? I love that actress

    • Kelsey

      I want to know too. I looked on IMDB, but she's done so many it's hard to figure out.

    • @danieljillm

      Too bad she's married to Tim Burton huh?

  • @Poopy_McPoop

    Which one of those "after" photos is Paula?

  • 86Celticsboy

    #14 Patricia Charbonneau always liked her check out Desert Hearts, at least selected scenes if you catch my drift. Never saw her in this creepy role, though.

  • MacNCheesePro

    Can't get a boner looking at any of them now…. 😦

  • Nightmareblade

    It would have been better if you posted the name of the actress and the movie under each picture

  • vindi

    Left is what they looked like when you were shitfaced, right is what they looked like in the morning.

  • Tori 90sChivette

    What movie is #8 from? I love that movie…

    • cassidy

      high spirits

  • Imburgia

    where is #13 from? The chick on the left is fuckin smokin.

    • Eddie

      Ami Chorlton from the movie Ice Queen. 5 seconds with google reverse image search would have told you that.

  • Paskeeze

    Should have had Anjelica Huston in the Witches.. she was gnarly.

  • Nicnac

    Now do one with men. I nominate Tim Curry as Darkness, and Robert Picardo as Meg Knucklebones, both from Legend.

    These ladies have NOTHING on Meg Knucklebones.

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