Before and after: Unbelievable movie makeup effects jobs on ladies (23 Photos)

  • AlexM

    #2 and #10 are Josie Maran! Weapon!

  • john

    i swear to god they were blinking! #6 #7 #8

  • 1zmaj

    bitches love make up

  • Amanda Scull

    #10 is one of my fav movies! scary as shit ghosts

  • jwes

    #10 gonna give me nightmares tonight

  • SuddenlyFoster

    #21 find her (the one on the right)

  • Beave26

    #15 looks like it didn’t take much make up. Haha.

  • LaLakers2408

    #22 has a natural duckface

  • Vent187

    #9 looks younger as a creep. And #18 honestly loves that look. Tim Burton loves it too.

  • dylaan

    21 is juliet landau. She played drusilla on buffy/angel. Crazy as hell but strangly hot

  • Voz

    A few of the lesser known #5 American Werewolf in Paris #12 Snow White and #18 Frankenstein, DeNiro was pretty bad ass in that too!

  • karloz

    not much of a difference


    sorry. didn't notice any differences …….

  • Anonymous

    where is charlize theron in monter that is a fkng amazing makup

  • me,me,me

    That's how they look in the morning…

  • grtyh


  • hrpufnstuf


    What movie is this unholy beast from?

  • josh

    #5 is just Julie Bowen with no makeup…big deal lol

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