Daily Afternoon Randomness (34 HQ Photos)

Been running into a lot of Chivers in Venice Beach lately. We appreciate the love and the input (which we value more than you think). We'll be in the basement of our favorite watering hole, the Townhouse, later this evening if you're thirsty.

Chive On and Happy Friday,


For Auburn and Alabama girls, Click here and here.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nick.hariri Nick Hariri

    #23 This is definitively epic! A store near my called Total Wine has 3 full rows of single beers and you can make your own 6 pack!

    • Yegs

      Good-ta-go in Chambersburg, PA. Over 400 beers to "pick 6" from. Epic. http://good-ta-go.com/
      Everyday feels like friday.

    • McBeastie

      Total Wine is my church. My holy place of worship. I love Total Wine.

    • tret20

      yup every LCBO in Onatrio u can do this. a bottle of Canadian rye and a 12 pack of mixed imports is a Hockey Night in Canada ritual around my house

    • Borracho

      I think this is in a local grocery store and I didn't know about it until now. Whoever sent in the picture I owe you a beer.

    • Epk

      This is at an HEB in Texas. They sell beer like this at most of them (especially college towns).

      • Coast Ranger

        Ding, ding, ding. You are correct.

    • Rob

      Wegman's has this

    • Dan from Downunder

      I cant believe how cheap a 6 pack of beer is in the US! Its normal to pay around $20 in Australia for the same stuff.

  • brutus

    go bucks

    • Buckeye


      • Sid

        I O

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000430036420 D.j. Droneburg

      GO BUCKS!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/coastguard Chris Sko

      Go bucks…..straight to jail. Seriously, stop paying all your players.

  • eric


    • erics dad

      suck it

    • mike

      lol nop 2nd

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=727315024 Brandon Brookens

      not so much…lol

  • Percy


    I like where all of this is going

    • jjj

      I was hoping FSU would come fuck shit up.

      • reepthebeneftits

        see Jenn Sterger… game over
        GO NOLES

        • Donn Juan

          She is actually disgusting, I went to high school with her.

          • justin cobra

            you are actually high i went to college with her

            • im a lamp

              I went to Sunday school with her and she gives great pole

          • http://twitter.com/ItsMeMvpJonny @ItsMeMvpJonny

            cool story, bro

            • yeahow

              cooler than your lame response

    • AGM


    • Chalk

      They are all hot but Auburn is my fave 🙂

      • Noodles


    • sniggi

      too bad she can't spell gators. I guess Florida really does have shitty acceptance requirements

      • http://gravatar.com/lagentile LG_

        (1) Didn't type the message and (2) I damn well know how to spell my team thankyouverymuch! 😉

        • its_forge

          LG if you're entering that Bama/Auburn competition you need to do it with booty. And your booty will in fact win. Just so you know. /buttkiss lol

        • Dave

          go gators

    • https://www.facebook.com/jason.ciotti Jason Ciotti

      Gators is -1 currently, missing underboob….

    • Adam

      Hopefully we get some love from a U.C.L.A girl next GO BRUINS.

      <img src="http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d186/nmstar29/UCLACheerleaders.jpg&quot; border="0" alt="UCLA Cheerleaders Pictures, Images and Photos"/>

      • Anonymous

        SC FTW!!

    • R2G Fan

      Skin to win.

    • Mat

      We need a sexy chivers theme based on support of your favorite college football team. I'd love to see some Husker girls as chivettes.

      • Hofner1962

        I read this at first as "I'd love to see some husky girls as chivettes"

        that is all

    • Rad-Balls

      We need some Georgia women now. Go Dawgs

    • reb

      sorry y'all but the women of Ole Miss make the rest of the SEC look like a bunch of hacks

    • Red

      LSUGirl – where are you?????

    • jtease

      If it's skinny blond white girls you want, wearing cable knit sweaters and pearl necklaces – Boston College ftw… Go Eagles!

      • http://www.facebook.com/kyle.mcclung Kyle McClung

        Girls from Boston are ugly as fuck

        • jtease

          I agree with that. But most girls who go to BC aren't from Boston – they're preppy little daddy's girls and generally extremely hot.

          • hMMMM

            No, they're not.

    • http://gravatar.com/lagentile LG_

      Thought I'd show my love for the good ol' orange and blue. 🙂
      Hopefully more collegiate Chivettes will start reppn' too!

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000430036420 D.j. Droneburg

        I'm lovin it, we definitely need more schools representin some school pride here, and more from you little miss

      • patov40

        GENTILE!!!!! Fantastic pic. Let's keep this thing going college girls and alumna! SEC is really representing. Where my Terp girls at!!?? B)

        • jaynecobb2

          Please people KENTUCKY would wipe the floor with you all

          • ryan

            what you thing your inbreed cousin is hotter?

      • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=544600394 Marty Howse

        just because I'm a Bama boy doesn't mean that we can't be civil 😉
        MOAR of you I decree!!

    • ryan

      GO GATORS!!!!

    • JDB

      Where's the UT girls… Come on now.

    • will

      here here

  • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

    #16 Hi Mac!
    I just bought 2 brain cells for $22.83. My boyfriend loves his 4 new fleshlights that we got for $24.21. They're not arriving tomorrow by UPS. Here is the website we use to get it all from, http://www.useyourcreditcardhereandyouwillregreti

    – the one who hates a unacceptably late DAR, especially on friday!

    • Paul_

      So, wait! I know you told me yesterday but I forgot. How many cucumbers can you fit in your vagina? Was it 5 or 6?

      Bitch slap,
      – just to fuck with Paula_

      • aaa

        It's a Troll within a Troll.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=27206114 Михаил Рикэттс


    • Bill57

      you got robbed cause you need way more than two brain cells

    • https://www.facebook.com/jason.ciotti Jason Ciotti

      Late DAR is acceptable on Fridays…gives me more time for Sexy Chivers…

    • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

      LOL @ new and improved #34

      – the one you love to hate

      • Paul_

        (╯°□°)╯︵ ‾‾ɐןnɐd

        Bitch slap,
        – just to fuck with Paula_

        • vhr1904

          I think I like Paul more than Paula. Now if everyone would just stop commenting after Paula says something that would be great. Thanks

    • lonin

      I'd like to dedicate #14 to you Paula.

    • patov40

      I like them both! THIS, is going to be GOOD. B)

    • Jim

      Oh Mac,

      Don't worry it happens to everyone once in a while…. well, some people anyway…

  • rabblerabble


  • mark


    Auburn, 'Bama, and Florida need to form an unholy alliance in my bedroom

    • http://twitter.com/ABQLifer @ABQLifer

      I actually prefer if they have holes

      • hakai20

        Ba-dum tish!

  • Brother Maynard

    #34 You are beautiful LG.

  • Waiting

    Why so late DAR

  • Robi5150

    Ringing endorsement for shower shoes!

    • JackDiesel

      This is one of the oldest pranks in the book.

    • Josh


    • SkunkPrince

      Ringing fake, debunked ages and ages ago.

    • SenorWilson

      Hey guys did you hear that this was fake?

    • SmokeyJane

      last year it was Penn State, this year it's Duke… FAKE.

    • Guest

      Further proof that Dookies are a bunch of jerkoffs!

    • mw0276

      Simply do what we did at University; put your deposit in a lady.

    • Kenai

      HOLY CRAP I'm at Duke, first-year in Bassett I've been looking for some chivers! And this was right outside of my door too. Bell Tower, CHIVE ON! And hit me up! Bassett Room 122!

      • bob

        ima egg you your room

    • jim

      i so agree

  • DanielB

    #2 I need a vacation

  • Nick_FTW

    #4 I'll have what she is having

    • Negrodamus

      If you're referring to the beer (obviously youre not), Haufbrau House has the best ever. Ever.

      • its_forge

        Altenmunster kicks its butt three ways from last Tuesday. = )

    • Efaray

      Make it a double!

  • Rahm Emanuel

    #9 Ahh, let me spot you there…and give me ten more!

    • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

      Image search Norma Stitz for the rest of this hottie.

      – the one you love to hate

      • Rahm Emanuel

        I will pass…I do believe you are lying to me and all the fine people of the chive…

      • Bill57

        nothing interesting or original about you paula you can't even troll well

        • Annoyed Chiver

          Don't you see that your stupid comments are far more annoying than the most annoying thing Paula ever wrote? Djeezzzz get a life fanboy.

          • Bill57

            trolling the troll annd you were never so much fun as now lmao

            • hMMMM


  • Becca

    for some reason I love the Friday DAR, you can almost see John waking up late with a massive hangover

    Oh, I'm a girl and I hate Florida but I'd still do #34

    • Undershooter30

      Pics or it didn't happen becca

      • jpp407

        I dont always ask for pics, But when I do….

    • patov40

      I like where this is going Becca! Keep us posted. 😉

  • disturbed

    #3 Can’t go home yet ‘cause late DAR!!

  • Bill57

    #10 is so cute

    • Joe

      yet still a little creepy…

    • Sovem

      Cute? They're raising attack tigers! We're doomed.

  • chocoze


    God damn do I love education.

    • KickintheYarbles

      Or lack of… *Gators

    • michaeledmondsjr

      I'm pretty sure this kind of scenery is included in my tuition here at UF

      • http://gravatar.com/lagentile LG_

        It is impossible to not find a hot girl there. I figured my repnn' on the chive would help get the other beautiful gator girls to finally come forward. It's been two years since I graduated but my bro is there now, like you, enjoying the scenery. 😉

        • michaeledmondsjr

          most definitely. i think i fall in love at least eight times a day on the #9

          • http://gravatar.com/lagentile LG_

            Go to Southwest Rec Center if you don't work out there already. It's hot girl haven, especially the group classes. …You can thank me later. 😉

            • michaeledmondsjr

              haha, i just realized that i linked to a picture instead of just talking about a bus route….unfortunately, i haven't spent much time at southwest rec, but i have my reasons…i'm a member of the UF Cycling Team, and there's a few that I've got my eyes on already…haha.

  • mindthefuzz

    #9 OMFG

    • tim

      Fit girls are sexy. Especially from this angle. May I have some more please?

  • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

    ❤ #34…took me a few minutes to note the text there.
    #17 I almost had a heart attack there…. HEAVEN!!

    – the one you love to hate

    • Bill57

      paula you have no clue what you are talking about, in this case it is gaters. problem is you are a freeky deeky dutch bitch and you'd have to be an american to get it right

    • HAHSO



      • Annoyed Chiver

        Are you and Bill on drugs?

        • Bill57

          nope not at all

        • Paul_

          Don't worry. You'll naturally begin to hate everything about Paula_ too.

          Bitch slap,
          – just to fuck with Paula_

          • http://gfys.org Guetsy

            You want to fuck Paula.

    • paulasuxblackdik

      Shove it up your gunt

  • theonehodge

    #9 Yep…keep working those pecs out.

  • sheoncebelieved

    #4 is me and LG. what do you say Lauren?

    • Bill57

      you are dreaming but hey everyone has to dream

      • Undershooter30

        I've had that same dream myself for some time now

    • http://gravatar.com/lagentile LG_

      I am highly allergic to wheat so if the beer was made from a wheat alternative, name the date and time. 😉

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000829687118 Cedric Schlosser

        I never thought about something creepy like beer made from a wheat alternative but now.. Hell yeah!!

      • AmBush Steve

        You mean something like barley, hops or malt?

        • http://gravatar.com/lagentile LG_

          Unfortunately barley is a wheat derivative, so anything made from sorghum, corn, or rice is what I'm limited too. Hard liquors and wine are my weapons of choice. 😉

          • patov40

            Insert hard "licker" joke here. B)

      • MeatloafAlsoMeatloaf

        So there is a flaw…

      • sheoncebelieved

        You're in Luck LG…I brew my own beer and have made gluten free beer before. you know what else I do? I go to Paso, pick my own grapes, bring them back down to the OC and crush, press, rack, bottle my own wine. I have Voignier, Mourvedre, Grenache, Syrah and Zin this year….lots of wine to share. Wanna hang out?

        • http://gravatar.com/lagentile LG_

          That is so badass! You have personally made your own beers, INCLUDING a gluten free beer?? And wines?? If it isn't too bold of me to say, I think you are my dream girl.

          …I would hang out with you in a heart beat.

          • Jen

            too bad sheoncebelieved is a dude!

  • Intensemasterdebater

    #21 made me #22

  • MikeOlmos

    #7 so true.

  • bartman

    #21 ftw

    • http://TheChive.com Drewcifer

      Something about this pic, seems out of place… it looks fake for some reason…

    • Anon

      hip bones could poke out an eye! Dangerous…

    • Ben

      It looks weird to me around her hip area. Like she was actually wearing panties but someone photoshop'd them out or something.

      • Toby

        Would have mentally pshopped them away anyway so whoever did it saved me and all of us the wasted imagination :))

  • Kodos

    #17 #18
    I see what you did there…

    • t dangle

      Not a single soul was seen that day.

      • iAm

        spot on lol

    • Flow

      I think #17 is the red hair day, which is held annually in Breda, NL. Studied there for a year,crossed into a street filled with gingers. Run I did.

    • john connor

      The running of the redheads in Pamplona, they have to do something to get ready for the bulls.

    • pussyzach

      Pretty sure Cartman's leading them at the front

    • Corwin

      RED DAWN.

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